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Words: James Frostick

Blistering hardcore-punk unit Oily Boys have returned with a ruckus. The NSW-based wrecking crew have a blistering debut LP of thirteen skin-flaying numbers loaded, cocked, aimed and ready to fire via Cool Death Records. Last week they sent a warning shot at our toes in the form of lead cut ‘Headstone’ – a pummelling taster hinting at what else they’re packing. 

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Listen: OSBO – DEMO (SELF RELEASE, 2020)

Words: James Frostick
Band image: Carmen Juarez

If you’re in the market for some new Australian hardcore, Sydney’s OSBO might be just the ticket. Comprised of a few familiar faces from the Sydney scene, OSBO’s six-track demo is straightforward and energetic – two qualities all good hardcore needs.

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Words: James Frostick

With a ferocious and intimidating aura, Sydney’s White Dog returns to the scene after two years with the wired and wild churn of new track ‘Storm the Streets’. Boasting a roiling mix of thuggish hardcore, ‘Storm the Streets’ is a slice of old-school disaffected punk, keeping sentiments lean and direct to maximise impact.

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