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Premiere: SHOEB AHMAD – “quiver”

Words: James Frostick
Banner image: Adam J Bragg

On May 28, Canberra musician Shoeb Ahmad will be releasing “quiver”, a full-length record of revelatory music. “quiver” is the culmination of an intense period of self discovery. It charts transitions and exposures, movements and divergences. It is a soundtrack of vulnerability, tenderness and empathy, with a sonic palette that ebbs and flows in mirror to life’s own peaks and troughs.

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Words: James Frostick

Canberra singer and songwriter Shoeb Ahmad is offering fans a new piece of music in the form of ‘Significant Looks’ – an ambient cover of a track originally crafted by Sydney trio Clean Shirt. ‘Significant Looks’ is a track that is weighed down with undeniable melancholy and sadness, but here it is given proper delicate treatment and is imbued with a softness that is engrossing and undeniably powerful.

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