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Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Rosepure

Following on from her 2018 record Hired Muscle and March 2020’s split record with her sibling Yaws, Grace Stevenson aka Rebel Yell has offered up the first piece of music from her forthcoming LP Fall From Grace. ‘Anti Club Music’, featuring R-T-FAX is a middle finger to the gatekeeping overlords of Australia’s electronic scene, a sarcastic rebuttal wrapped in hard-hitting beats and subversive rave soundscapes. 

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Words: James Frostick

In an effort to keep track of the year’s best recorded material, Weirdo Wasteland will be releasing monthly round-ups of albums that we didn’t have enough time to cover in depth at the time of release. Although these are shorter write-ups, review length shouldn’t be taken as an indicator of album quality – everything listed is good and should be given proper time of day to indulge appropriately. Here is the best of what arrived in January …

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Words: James Frostick

One-man party band SPOD returns with cheeky new single ‘Sexual Fantasy’ – a bop fuelled by an erotic and narcotic groove. The track has been plucked from SPOD’s forthcoming (and fourth) studio album, Adult Fantasy, out in July through Rice Is Nice. Buoyed by a sensual synth-pop beat, ‘Sexual Fantasy’ sweeps listeners away on a romantic getaway, where we’re given insight to some intimate and tender moments.

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Interview: YOU BEAUTY


In the digital age finding a romantic connection with someone new might be easier, but still carries pitfalls. Throughout You Beauty’s ILLYWHACKA, the inner workings of an online predator forms the basis of a story, one that takes listeners from the depths of his dark ideas to his possible redemption in the face of finding true love. I spoke to Will Farrier about the album and the notion of bad people changing their ways.

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