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Words: James Frostick
Artwork: Zoe Irving

Melbourne’s Mares are on the precipice of dropping their new full-length album Wherewithal on Friday June 1. Following a strong showing with lead single ‘Aeroplane Mode’, the band will be ushering forth nine tracks of gritty post-punk lathered in an atmospheric mood. The tracks within the album showcase a sharp dichotomy between blinding light and unassailable dark, an endless conflict set within the twists and folds of the mind. We’ve been given the opportunity to share with you the first listen of the LP, which will be out imminently through Psychic Hysteria.

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Words: James Frostick

Melbourne/Naarm trio Suss Cunts are on the cusp of officially releasing their newest EP, Temper, through Hysterical Records on April 27. We’ve been given the privilege of premiering an advanced stream of the tunes, which pivot from in-your-face punk jams to cacophonous garage onslaughts. Either way, this EP is a versatile and collected statement from a band that undoubtedly has their shit sorted.

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Interview: CIVIC

Words: James Frostick

Earlier this month, Melbourne gutter-rock outfit CIVIC ushered forth a sublime collection of direct and hard-nosed noise in the form of EP New Vietnam. Chief instigator Jim McCullough agreed to field a few questions about the still-new band’s origins and a quick insight into what they wanted to bring to the table.

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