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Premiere: THE BACKS – ‘GODZILLA 1954’

Words: James Frostick
Band image: Hugene Raggy

Hard-hitting Melbourne/Naarm garage-punk crew The Backs are following up a couple of EPs with a new single – the first in a planned series coming out this year. ‘Godzilla 1954’ is a potent heater that shines a spotlight on the growing white nationalism movement in Australia and its undeniably destructive nature.

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Words: James Frostick

It’s been 15-odd months since Melbourne hard-rockin’ trio Power took us on a high-octane joyride with their Turned On LP, and now someone’s gone and given them the damn keys again. This outing, Power is only zipping a quick circuit with a two-track 7-inch single, but they’re pressing the accelerator even harder than before. Power peels out and away with a blistering intensity that leaves nothing behind but a scent of petrol fumes and burnt rubber.

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Listen: ROT T.V. – ‘F.D.A.’

Words: James Frostick
Band pic: Bill Golding

Draped in black leather and black denim, Melbourne’s full-moon rock’n’rollers ROT T.V. are on the cusp of dropping their very first 7-inch single. The single’s A-side track F.D.A. is a suitably full-throttle introduction. Here – fuelled by a hungry intensity and boasting a carnivorous edge – ROT T.V. circles like a pack of predatory animals, gradually wearing down your defences until they’re close enough to bite. 

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Words: James Frostick

Punchy and vagarious hard-rock outfit Drunk Mums are building up momentum towards another potent assemblage of hard-bitten noise. The band’s new album Urban Cowboy will be moseying over the horizon as the sun sets on 2018, but the Melbourne-via-Cairns malcontents are kicking the party off early with ‘Roll With The Punches’. The track is a hefty power-pop kicker about getting beaten down by life but never collapsing under the weight of its bullshit, proving beyond all doubt that nothing brightens a mood better than loud music.

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