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Words: James Frostick
Band image: Danielle Hakim

It’s been almost three years since Ausmuteants gifted the world with new music, but now the Melbourne-based rabble-rousers are back with a particularly idiosyncratic new record. Ausmuteants … Presents The World In Handcuffs is the brainchild of guitarist Shaun Connor, a collection of tracks that explores the mind of an unhinged police officer. 

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Words: James Frostick

There’s a new crew on the scene slinging a feisty brand of speedy and unhinged hardcore. Hacker is the name, and the band’s brand-new demo tape contains four tracks of unbridled sonic intensity. 

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Words: James Frostick
Band image: Millar Wileman

Melbourne-via-Geelong quartet Gonzo will be releasing their second full-length album Do it Better Again in March through hit factory Anti Fade Records. To get the juices of excitement going, the crew is offering up a prime cut from the record in the form of lead track ‘Put The Money’. A pepped-up slice of agile rock ‘n’ roll that is all about striking first, striking hard and taking the pot when it is at its fullest.

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Words: James Frostick
Art: Eve Dadd + David Forcier

The Snakes have emerged from Melbourne’s swampy morass of punk with a phenomenally catchy interpretation of dissonant sleaze. The group will be putting a mini-LP out in March, but lead single ‘Snakes Bday’ is a perfect introduction to a band that is bringing a distinct edge to the scene.  

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Interview: PEST

Words: James Frostick

Melbourne’s Pest is an amalgamation of some of the city’s finest proponents of hardcore punk. The group released an EP at the end of 2018 infused with fiery protest punk – potent, immediate and aggressive. Ahead of the band’s tour of New South Wales this month, we caught up with the group to talk evolution, the efficacy of protest songs in 2019 and how protest factors into the band’s overall ethos.
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Words: James Frostick
Image: Jamie Wdziekonski

Coinciding with an incredible showing and response at their mini-fest HEXFEST, incandescent Melbourne-based quartet HEXDEBT have announced that a new album is approaching on the horizon. The first taste of the record is ‘Covenant’, a brilliant and searing example of HEXDEBT’s near-unmatched intensity and barely contained fury.

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