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Words: James Frostick

Blistering hardcore-punk unit Oily Boys have returned with a ruckus. The NSW-based wrecking crew have a blistering debut LP of thirteen skin-flaying numbers loaded, cocked, aimed and ready to fire via Cool Death Records. Last week they sent a warning shot at our toes in the form of lead cut ‘Headstone’ – a pummelling taster hinting at what else they’re packing. 

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Words: James Frostick

There’s a new crew on the scene slinging a feisty brand of speedy and unhinged hardcore. Hacker is the name, and the band’s brand-new demo tape contains four tracks of unbridled sonic intensity. 

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Interview: PEST

Words: James Frostick

Melbourne’s Pest is an amalgamation of some of the city’s finest proponents of hardcore punk. The group released an EP at the end of 2018 infused with fiery protest punk – potent, immediate and aggressive. Ahead of the band’s tour of New South Wales this month, we caught up with the group to talk evolution, the efficacy of protest songs in 2019 and how protest factors into the band’s overall ethos.
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