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Words: James Frostick

Naarm/Melbourne gutter-rock all-stars CIVIC continue to build momentum towards the release of its debut long-play record Future Forecast (out later this month on Flightless Records) with second single ‘Tell The Papers’. This auditory assault, while direct and relentless, conveys a far-out tale that traverses time and space – existential subject matter put to a soundtrack that’s best suited for shaking those heavy thoughts out of your noggin.

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Words: James Frostick

CIVIC – one of Naarm/Melbourne’s most compelling proponents of rugged, rip-roaring rock and roll – return with a hot new 7″, out now via Flightless Records. ‘Radiant Eye’ is a heated slice of CIVIC’s signature sprint, boasting percussive kicks that leave dents and licks that leave scorch marks.

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Words: James Frostick
Band image: Julian Hocking

Gutter-rock goons Civic are keeping one lead foot on the accelerator with a brand-new scuzzed-up double-hitter. As one half of a split release with Anti Fade Records and Floridian label Total Punk, Civic’s newest 7″ contains a speedy racket / venomous spray that contains the band’s signature sonic fury, but with a tempo and directness that has been dialled up a few notches.

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Premiere: CIVIC – ‘PLEASURE’

Words: James Frostick
Image: Julian Hocking

After puncturing eardrums with their hardy brand of dauntless rock and roll, CIVIC return with a new 7” release that sees the group change gears and find a new cruising speed. ‘Pleasure’ is the lead single from the four-song collection Those Who No, a track that evidences growth and composure while still displaying plucky punk sentiments that helped propel CIVIC to notoriety.

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Interview: CIVIC

Words: James Frostick

Earlier this month, Melbourne gutter-rock outfit CIVIC ushered forth a sublime collection of direct and hard-nosed noise in the form of EP New Vietnam. Chief instigator Jim McCullough agreed to field a few questions about the still-new band’s origins and a quick insight into what they wanted to bring to the table.

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