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Words: James Frostick and Nic Brown

Earlier this week friendships officially dropped FISHTANK, a brand-new album of multifaceted electronic music and visual accompaniments – a reverberating opus that might be one of the year’s most remarkable releases. Nic Brown takes us through the album’s distinct movements via a track-by-track breakdown – a tour as surreal and otherworldly as the listening/viewing experience itself.

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Premiere: HEXTAPE – ‘TOYOTA’

Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Lou Wheeler

We are pleased as punch to be premiering ‘Toyota’ the new single from sound artist Hextape aka Bridget Chappell.  Shaped by moon-lit cityscape explorations and fractured science-fiction imagery, the track oscillates between nighttime lurk and throbbing, pulse-quickening techno.

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Premiere: ENDERIE – 3 (ANTEROGRADE, 2020)

Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Sabina Rysnik

New noise emerges from the far reaches of Australia’s dance scene as Enderie releases a new collection of unsound electro thump.  3 – the new four-track EP out today via Anterograde – further charts Enderie’s trajectory from avant-rock destructor to hardware-manipulating club heretic. Exploratory and revelatory, 3 is a masterclass in deciphering how a mechanism works by taking it apart and playing with its core components. 

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