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Words: James Frostick
Band image: Jamie Wdziekonski

Cereal Killer is calling it quits, but not before unleashing its one full-length record, The Beginning & End Of Cereal Killer through Anti Fade Records and Drunken Sailor Records. Lead single ‘Your Punk Scene Can Suck It’ is a gnashing and primitive piece of punk that thumbs its nose that the scene it’s leaving behind, but we’re left wondering if the scene sucks for various reasons or sucks because Cereal Killer is no longer a part of it.

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Words: James Frostick

One-man party band SPOD returns with cheeky new single ‘Sexual Fantasy’ – a bop fuelled by an erotic and narcotic groove. The track has been plucked from SPOD’s forthcoming (and fourth) studio album, Adult Fantasy, out in July through Rice Is Nice. Buoyed by a sensual synth-pop beat, ‘Sexual Fantasy’ sweeps listeners away on a romantic getaway, where we’re given insight to some intimate and tender moments.

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Listen: ARSE – ‘SAFE WORD’

Words: James Frostick
Band image: Vinnie Botton

Sydney’s schizoid post-hardcore trio ARSE are gearing up to deliver a forthcoming LP – no doubt a package of dangerous goods best handled gently. Enclosed in the collection of aural shrapnel is new single ‘Safe Word’, which you can listen to from today. ‘Safe Word’ places us in within the manic maelstrom of excess – the point where we abandon care in pursuit of the high, but ARSE alludes to the all-consuming nature of the rush and how it only temporarily cures our ails before inevitably exacerbates them. 

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Listen: XILCH – ‘MY WORLD’

Words: James Frostick
Band image: zkphoto

With a gnashing fury buoyed by a destructive sonic onslaught, Sydney’s XILCH are on the cusp of unleashing its debut cassette release. ‘My World’ exemplifies the band’s penchant for unrelenting  power, with influence plumbed from some of punk’s nihilistic best. 

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Words: Riley Fitzgerald
Band image: Ruby Gabe Varbørton and Bridghid Russell

Brisbane’s Devotions have recently emerged onto the scene, keeping movement inconspicuous and humble, but hooking us instantly with their first (and currently only) track, ‘Nil By Mouth’. Lush and engrossing, ‘Nil By Mouth’ is as enchanting an introduction as one could hope, and we’re already craving more.

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Words: James Frostick
Band image: Luke Henery

Stalking the alleyways of Brisbane, Ascot Stabber emerges from the murk with the glint of sharp brand-new 7″ in hand. Barely restrained fury and brutal sonics collide, creating a murderous blend of hardcore with a sting that lingers long after the slap.

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Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Dannika Horvat

Prolific Melbourne songwriter Emma Russack has announced the July arrival of her fifth record, Winter Blues. Ahead of the album’s release, Emma gifted listeners a small taste in the form of the record’s title track. The gorgeous piano-led tune see’s Emma copping to her own bullshit, taking ownership of bad behaviour instead of simply passing it off as a byproduct of miserable weather. We’ve got a look at the track’s brand-new visuals!

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