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Premiere: TRAM COPS – ‘LA’

Words: James Frostick

Michael Vince Moin’s malleable bedroom jazz-psych pop project Tram Cops is on the cusp of releasing Not Forever – an earnest and engrossing record of unique and affecting tracks about life, love, happiness, sadness and death. ‘LA’ is the record’s second single, a sparsely ornamented tune that is grogged-out and woozy on love, smitten with the kind of emotions that soothe the soul in one moment and quickens the pulse in another.

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Words: James Frostick
Image: Briana Davis

A few short weeks before the November arrival of Candy’s LP Under The Weather, the Melbourne singer-songwriter is offering another personal insight into his mind. In ‘Validation’, Candy yearns for positive reinforcement, but grapples with a deep-seeded unhappiness within himself that prevents him from attaining or accepting the satisfaction he craves.

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Premiere: CIVIC – ‘PLEASURE’

Words: James Frostick
Image: Julian Hocking

After puncturing eardrums with their hardy brand of dauntless rock and roll, CIVIC return with a new 7” release that sees the group change gears and find a new cruising speed. ‘Pleasure’ is the lead single from the four-song collection Those Who No, a track that evidences growth and composure while still displaying plucky punk sentiments that helped propel CIVIC to notoriety.

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Words: James Frostick
Image: Nick Wilkins

Today we have the pleasure of debuting ‘Cheating’ – the new track from Melbourne dark-wave five-piece Venetian Blinds. Eerie and encompassing, ‘Cheating’ situates listeners in the middle of a cold tempest, where biting winds carry haunted sounds and cloudy skies rumble with unsettling prose.

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Words: James Frostick
Band image: Jamie Wdziekonski
Cover art: Carolyn Hawkins

In 2012 and 2013, ANTI FADE Records released two seminal compilations featuring a bumper crop of Victorian artists, shining a spotlight on the sounds and styles of Melbourne the east coast of Australia. Nearly five years on and the record label is announcing a third compilation to be released on August 3. New Centre of the Universe Vol. 3 strikes a balance between the plethora of styles emerging from Victoria, assembling a stellar array of acts that encapsulate much of the state’s burgeoning underground scene.

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Words: James Frostick
Band image: Tracy Lee Hayes

Premiering today, searing alternative-rock duo Dark Fair are bringing some ferocity to the airwaves with new single ‘Off Into My Head’ – a tightly wound offering that sees the group exploring the insides of the mind and taking refuge amongst its reality obscuring sanctuary.

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Words: James Frostick

Punchy and vagarious hard-rock outfit Drunk Mums are building up momentum towards another potent assemblage of hard-bitten noise. The band’s new album Urban Cowboy will be moseying over the horizon as the sun sets on 2018, but the Melbourne-via-Cairns malcontents are kicking the party off early with ‘Roll With The Punches’. The track is a hefty power-pop kicker about getting beaten down by life but never collapsing under the weight of its bullshit, proving beyond all doubt that nothing brightens a mood better than loud music.

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