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Premiere: BABY BLUE – ‘I LIKE YOU’

Words: James Frostick

Melbourne’s Baby Blue has wasted no time in building anticipation for its forthcoming EP Do What You Like. Following on from a string of stellar singles,  Baby Blue is gifting the world a new track on Friday April 13 – ‘I Like You’. Tackling the most heartache-inducing aspects of affection (unrequited love), ‘I Like You’ is songwriter Rhea Caldwell’s ode to owning one’s feelings unashamedly, set to a backdrop of an emotionally charged dream-pop jangle.  

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Introducing: TERREMOTO – ‘CAPTURE’

Words: James Frostick
Cover art: Gage Allison

It’s our absolute pleasure to premiere the new track from post-punk-meets-new-wave outfit Terremoto. Split between two continents, the band has pieced together a 12” EP that is shaping up to be a seriously promising first release full of new wave-tinged goth. ‘Capture’ is the first track from the record – a song that details an overwhelming moment of emotional claustrophobia, the realisation that an escape of some sort is necessary and a desire to rebel against the rut.

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Words: James Frostick

Donny Love gears up for the release of its upcoming debut album Sensation with new track ‘Dysfunctional Lovers’. The tune puts thoughts on casual romance and interpersonal strife to a backing track of soulful and sunny rock and roll – an earnest ode to the disconnect between two people and also between the brain and the heart.

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One of Australia’s finest proponents of burdened and lonely post-punk is back with some new noise. Astral Skulls will soon be releasing a limited run of 7” singles, featuring tracks ‘This Place’ and ‘Take It Away’ – both pristine examples of Kurt Eckardt and Kalindy Williams’ knack for crafting dissonant but atmospheric music.

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Words: James Frostick

Fresh out of the oven is a collection of tracks from two of Australia’s most exciting punk acts. Ubik and Cold Meat have linked up for a split EP, packed to bursting point with potent and pointed noise. This release seeks to link present day bi-coastal Australian punk and pay homage and earnest tribute to the legacy of women-driven output from generation’s past. Continue reading Premiere: UBIK / COLD MEAT – ‘LOST & LATER’ / ‘HIGH MAINTENANCE’


Words: James Frostick

Canberra singer and songwriter Shoeb Ahmad is offering fans a new piece of music in the form of ‘Significant Looks’ – an ambient cover of a track originally crafted by Sydney trio Clean Shirt. ‘Significant Looks’ is a track that is weighed down with undeniable melancholy and sadness, but here it is given proper delicate treatment and is imbued with a softness that is engrossing and undeniably powerful.

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Words: James Frostick

Proto-punk legends Primitive Calculators are putting the gears in motion ahead of the release of their forthcoming album On Drugs. ‘Power’ is the latest track from the group, which blends potent punk sensibilities with a glitchy electronic inclination. A timely song, ‘Power’ uses blunt efficiency to communicate the band’s anger at the widespread abuse of power and privilege, and the way the uncaring individuals in charge only care about accumulating more power at the cost of others.

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