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Words: James Frostick

Melbourne/Naarm trio Suss Cunts are on the cusp of officially releasing their newest EP, Temper, through Hysterical Records on April 27. We’ve been given the privilege of premiering an advanced stream of the tunes, which pivot from in-your-face punk jams to cacophonous garage onslaughts. Either way, this EP is a versatile and collected statement from a band that undoubtedly has their shit sorted.

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Interview: CIVIC

Words: James Frostick

Earlier this month, Melbourne gutter-rock outfit CIVIC ushered forth a sublime collection of direct and hard-nosed noise in the form of EP New Vietnam. Chief instigator Jim McCullough agreed to field a few questions about the still-new band’s origins and a quick insight into what they wanted to bring to the table.

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Video Premiere: COOL SOUNDS – ‘GRUDGE’

Melbourne’s Cool Sounds are making moves. Less than a week on from the release of their latest EP Gristle, the group is dropping a fresh clip for standout track ‘Grudge’. Set to a backdrop of pristine Australian wine country, the track and its accompanying flick ruminates on past regrets, fresh starts and baptism by vino.

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Words: James Frostick

Brisbane’s Blank Realm emerges after a few years of quiet with an album of largely instrumental tracks. While not continuing the dazzling psych-pop wonder of previous records, Last Seen is an engaging and impressive study in atmosphere, musicianship and sonic world building.

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Premiere: BABY BLUE – ‘I LIKE YOU’

Words: James Frostick

Melbourne’s Baby Blue has wasted no time in building anticipation for its forthcoming EP Do What You Like. Following on from a string of stellar singles,  Baby Blue is gifting the world a new track on Friday April 13 – ‘I Like You’. Tackling the most heartache-inducing aspects of affection (unrequited love), ‘I Like You’ is songwriter Rhea Caldwell’s ode to owning one’s feelings unashamedly, set to a backdrop of an emotionally charged dream-pop jangle.  

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Introducing: TERREMOTO – ‘CAPTURE’

Words: James Frostick
Cover art: Gage Allison

It’s our absolute pleasure to premiere the new track from post-punk-meets-new-wave outfit Terremoto. Split between two continents, the band has pieced together a 12” EP that is shaping up to be a seriously promising first release full of new wave-tinged goth. ‘Capture’ is the first track from the record – a song that details an overwhelming moment of emotional claustrophobia, the realisation that an escape of some sort is necessary and a desire to rebel against the rut.

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Words: James Frostick

Donny Love gears up for the release of its upcoming debut album Sensation with new track ‘Dysfunctional Lovers’. The tune puts thoughts on casual romance and interpersonal strife to a backing track of soulful and sunny rock and roll – an earnest ode to the disconnect between two people and also between the brain and the heart.

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