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Listen: ROMERO – ‘HONEY’

Words: James Frostick
Band image: Felix Mooneeram

Less than a month into 2020 and we have a frontrunner for song of the year. Melbourne power-pop five-piece Romero is dropping a double A-side brimming with trenchant energy. Brilliantly radiant and uncompromising from the outset, ‘Honey’ is the kind of summer-appropriate track we could use during a period of noxious current affairs.

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Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Tim Hardy

Canberra-based neo-synth-pop artist Gus McGrath aka California Girls is releasing the second track from his forthcoming record Beat Boy. ‘Small Birds’ is an irresistibly danceable track that places the listener in the bowels of a pulsing subterranean rave as Gus moves through a heaving mass of bodies, searching for true intimacy amid an uncaring world hooked on physical immediacy. 

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Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Tristan Davies

As we celebrate the spookiest day of the year, Melbourne darkwave legend V steps out of the gloom to gift us the visuals for their anti-love song ‘All Lovers Deserve to Die’. Set to a mash-up of imagery from iconic romance movies and ultra-gory B-grade horror flicks, V reminds us all about the brutality of love and the fine line we walk between passion and hate.

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Words: James Frostick
Image: Charlotte Tobin

In between period of activity with Hierophants and Parsnip, Melbourne musician Paris Rebel Richens has been slowly chipping away at a collection of solo recordings. Operating under the name P.P. Rebel, Paris has assembled these songs (all self-written, performed and recorded) into P.P Is… Peeping Piebald Past The Night! a solo tape set for release in November. ‘Where The Quiet Go’ is the album’s  springy lead single, a track born from the contemplation-inducing solitude of silence, but is not beholden to it.

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Words: James Frostick
Band image: Jake Quentin Lewis-Hurn (@cockneytravels)

Boasting a hearty dose of sonic savagery and ruinous punk chug, Future Suck gives ears a taste of a forthcoming cassette release with ‘Brat’. This demo track is short, sweet and to the point, which is the best way to introduce yourself when ears are being pulled in every direction.

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Words: James Frostick

It’s been 15-odd months since Melbourne hard-rockin’ trio Power took us on a high-octane joyride with their Turned On LP, and now someone’s gone and given them the damn keys again. This outing, Power is only zipping a quick circuit with a two-track 7-inch single, but they’re pressing the accelerator even harder than before. Power peels out and away with a blistering intensity that leaves nothing behind but a scent of petrol fumes and burnt rubber.

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Listen: ROT T.V. – ‘F.D.A.’

Words: James Frostick
Band pic: Bill Golding

Draped in black leather and black denim, Melbourne’s full-moon rock’n’rollers ROT T.V. are on the cusp of dropping their very first 7-inch single. The single’s A-side track F.D.A. is a suitably full-throttle introduction. Here – fuelled by a hungry intensity and boasting a carnivorous edge – ROT T.V. circles like a pack of predatory animals, gradually wearing down your defences until they’re close enough to bite. 

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