Words: James Frostick
Band image: Elizabeth Riley

Following hot on the heels of previous single ‘Temporary Solution’, Naarm/Melbourne-based indie rock quintet The Vovos are saying good riddance to bad rubbish with follow-up single ‘Spring Cleaning’. This animated number showcases the group’s mature attitude to dealing with unrewarding friendships – consciously uncoupling from low-value folks in favour of more nourishing relationships.

Severing a friendship is a terrifying thing but, like any necessary act, it’s best to do it quickly, resolutely. Rip the bandaid off and soon after you’ll realise you should have done it long ago. On new track ‘Spring Cleaning’ The Vovos are steadfast in their desire to extricate themselves from toxic friendship circles, exorcising two-faced phones and snarky, mean-spirited bullies from their immediate vicinity. It’s a healthy habit, but also one that often takes some years to learn. That being said, the young’uns in The Vovos are showing a wisdom that belies their years, but that’s to be expected by this point – the group has already displayed a keen sagacity when it comes to weaving songs around serious topics. Take, for example, the group’s previous single ‘Temporary Solution‘, which addressed the ominous topic of living through climate change. While ‘Spring Cleaning’ tackles an issue that exists on a more micro level, it’s still, in the end, an important matter of the heart.

It’s time to do some spring cleaning / and honey you’re out

Ruthless though the above extract may be, The Vovos administer the blow wrapped in crisp guitar, peppy percussion and carefree piano plink. The group’s got a clear knack for hooks and a talent for crafting earworms, but above all the group knows the importance of ensuring the music stays above the muck of its subject matter. There’s an affirming dynamic in the ‘Spring Cleaning’ mix – a sprightly energy that helps convey the shedding of weight and stress from one’s shoulders. This is good, because why get bogged down? There’s no point crying over spilt milk (especially when it’s expired) and there’s nothing of consequence being cast aside – just unwanted venom and spite. Also, there’s no feeling like the first breath after pushing through with one’s convictions. Friends sometimes need to be called out for shitty behaviour, and if they can’t hack it and shape up then they’re not cut out to be a mate. It’s as simple as that. With that in mind, The Vovos will keep on keeping on, leaving the unworthy in their dust.

The Vovos are releasing ‘Spring Cleaning’ today digitally via Roolette Records. They’ve got an album in the works, so if you like what you hear then it’s advised you keep a close eye on the group for more.