Words: James Frostick

New South Wales-based producer Danny Wild is kicking off 2020 with a brand-new full-length Low Flung album. Microscope Impressions – out later this week via Nice Music – sees Danny synthesising organic and inorganic sound into something both innately familiar and decidedly alien. The album’s second single ‘Chipboard’ exemplifies this dichotomy perfectly – elemental ambience is warped and re-contextualised, creating vast new sonic realms to explore. 

Between his own compositional and curatorial efforts, Danny Wild has created and archived volumes upon volumes of esoteric electronica, abstract ambient sound and dance music designed for discerning ears. Profound and prolific, Danny’s catalogue of work under the moniker Low Flung serves as a comprehensive compendium of his own efforts to extrapolate the notions of space and place, deciphering the complexities of both via the synthesis of field recordings and canny instrumentation. After releasing two-track effort Oil in the Mangroves as part of Bedroom Suck’s isolation series last year, Danny is following up with Microscope Impressions – an adventurous nine-track cassette/digital album that is being released via Naarm-based label (and fellow sagacious tastemakers) Nice Music this week. January saw the team drop lead single ‘Pin Sweat‘ (an arresting introduction to the piece), but today’s focus falls largely on single two – a joyously warped composition called ‘Chipboard’.

Where ‘Pin Sweat’ sets the tone with some visceral machinelike leanings, ‘Chipboard’ takes the inhuman elements and places them in a different context. In the former, parts are pieced together into a deliberate system of squelching, hissing, whirring, chattering and clanking pieces cobbled around a pulsing crystalline core. ‘Chipboard’ takes this mechanised system and douses it in a gurgling pool of viscous liquid – enough to slow the individual pistons and cogs, but not enough to stop them completely. These singles are far removed stylistically from both halves of his previous release. Where Oil in the Mangroves boasted snippets of natural sound mixed into sweeping swathes of shimmering ambience, ‘Chipboard’ is decidedly more coarse in tone and subterranean in style. I think this track reveals some of the intent of the album as a whole. ‘Chipboard’ (and Microscope Impressions overall) sees Danny taking an up-close look at the minute intricacies of submerged sound, which are extracted, expanded and examined at such proximity that new characteristics are revealed. The results are distinctly anomalous when compared to the familiar luxurious topography of ambience, but in this microscopic world the mundane becomes magical and we can clearly see the diamonds in the details.

Check out ‘Chipboard’ below, which is accompanied by a visualiser crafted by Danny as well:

Microscope Impressions will be released digitally and on cassette this Thursday February 11 via Nice Music. You can still place a pre-order here.