Video Premiere: 100 – ‘PSYCH’

Words: James Frostick
Band image: McLean Stephenson

A year on from the release of its previous single ‘Weightless’, Warrang/Sydney crew 100 is back – announcing its signing to newly minted label Endless Recordings and the arrival of fresh material to boot. Truculent new single ‘Psych’ is a staunch and uncompromising scud of murky post-punk that lashes out at the poseurs, pricks and pinheads that exist within the masculine milieu. 

I last saw 100 briefly when the band stormed through town as part of 2019’s BIGSOUND line-up. Featuring on a live-music roster that boasted a paltry assemblage of punk-oriented acts, 100 was one of the few groups that were unofficially appointed as flag bearers for the ‘next wave’ of vociferous sound makers. The band’s set – a tight 30-odd minutes – showcased 100’s tight-knit and well-honed style, which bridged tenderhearted reflection and contentious clang, and justified their appointment as “ones to watch”. I couldn’t tell you the exact mixture of punters, tastemakers and industry professionals featured in the assembled throng, but the group’s fearsome reputation has certainly trickled outward to some interested parties. 100 is the first act to sign to Endless Recordings, the upstart label created by Alex Cameron of Bad//Dreems – a group of similarly minded proponents of muscular hubbub. The label’s driving ethos is the pursuit of fully realised art – that means placing artistic integrity and the execution of ideas over pecuniary success. Essentially, 100 is once again responsible for leading a charge, but this time they’re putting their best foot forward as a flagship act for an upstart label with big aspirations.

100’s brand-new single ‘Psych’ is the band’s first statement as part of this new chapter, and it gets things off to a phenomenally good start. The single is a gnashing number in both style and tone. Dexterous live-wire guitars electrify the entire track, contouring the sonorous throb of the bass and the percussive chop with a kind of unhinged haywire energy that increases in tempo as the runtime progresses. This purposefully chaotic mixture is what 100 crafts with ease – solemn foundations underpinning turbulent noise, arcs of incandescent lighting striking unyielding bedrock. On ‘Psych’, this tumult is used to buffet around some pointed criticism directed at loutish man-children. You know the kind – the overly aggro blokes in the mosh, at the bar or in the cab rank that are high on their own machismo. 100 chides these toxic blokes, telling them to “pull their head in” while simultaneously lamenting the fact that some people just never change, no matter how much they are called out on their bullshit. Solid sentiments from a group with their heads screwed on straight. Have a listen and a peek at the video for ‘Psych’, directed by Mclean Stephenson, right here:

‘Psych’ is officially out tomorrow, Wednesday November 18. Expect more from the group to be released in the not-too-distant future via Endless Recordings.