Words: James Frostick
Band image: Fabian Hunter
Album art: Ashley Goodall

This November, Naarm/Melbourne-based surrealist-pop wunderkinds Eggy will be releasing its debut full-length record Bravo! through Spoilsport Records. Today the band is sharing the first listen of Bravo!‘s lead single ‘Johnny Whoop’, a superb glimpse at the group’s sonic eccentricities – playfully odd, sitting at the more outré end of the indie-pop spectrum.

It’s always nice to hear a band play around with the rules. While working within the confines of genre can be fun, eschewing strictures entirely naturally yields the most interesting results. Circumventing convention can be risky business (as in it doesn’t always work the way one hopes), but Naarm/Melbourne five-piece Eggy manage to deftly sidestep genre boundaries without sounding like a jarring mess. The group’s got a new album called Bravo! in the pipeline, which comes almost a year an a half after their debut EP Billy. The EP was four tracks of discordant and singular pop – an eclectic mishmash of instruments and ideas, an amalgam of rhythms and melodies joined at oblique angles. Despite Eggy’s oddball leanings, the EP was an animated and engaging introduction. Thankfully for us, it seems like Eggy’s penchant for crafting unusual-yet-spirited rippers hasn’t diminished with ‘Johnny Whoop’, the the first single peeled from the 11-track post-pop opus that is Bravo!

Whimsical and sprightly at its core, ‘Johnny Whoop’ is a track that’s purposefully hard to pin down. It takes some of the core principles of indie pop, garage rock and post-punk, blends it with some free-form spontaneity and a sprinkling of irreverent mirth to create one heck of a bop. Kicking off with a shaggy riff, ‘Johnny Whoop’ quickly steps sideways into a passage boasting effervescent vocals, a click-clack-smack percussive progression, scalpel-like guitar picking and broader, sunnier chords. It’s an ear-catching opening – one that you can get your head around – but soon enough it seems like the bits and pieces start operating on their own accord. Things break down into an off-beat shamble that sounds as if the track is falling apart but, of course, that’s all part of the plan. Eggy manages to keep their feet, allowing the structure they’ve cobbled together to artfully dilapidate before building it up again and moving on as if nothing had happened. Lesser bands wouldn’t be able to pull off the kind of absurdist avant-pop sound that seems to come naturally to Eggy, so if fancy listening to something atypical with a bit of unpredictable motion, I’d hazard a guess that Bravo! will be an album that resonates.

Listen to ‘Johnny Whoop here:

will be released on November 13 via Spoilsport Records. Keep your eyes on the label’s Bandcamp page for pre-order details.