Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Ellen Fairbairn

Naarm/Melbourne-based prog-pop maestro Gregor inches closer to the November release of their sophomore LP Destiny, today dropping a brand-new single from the record called ‘Senseless’.  Complex and multifaceted, ‘Senseless’ is a lavish tapestry of colour and sound – a layered piece that not only shows off some formidable compositional chops, but also deftly counterbalances sentiments surrounding indulgence and repeated mistakes. 

If there’s a categorisation that suitably summarises the work of Gregor, it’s ‘multi-sensory’. The solo artist is a perpetual fount of creative output – a gifted mind capable of weaving colour, sound and emotion together, presenting the mixture in digestible tuneful packages. As a bedroom-based project, Gregor is only shackled by the confines of their imagination, and therefore is technically limitless in its conceptual potential. Gregor’s new track ‘Senseless’ – the second track to be released from forthcoming full-length release Destiny – is a lavish and many-sided track that showcases the artist’s musical dexterity. It’s a song that can be divvied up into loose phases – different movements and moods comprising an engaging whole. The song sways between stentorian synth thump, choral harmony, flamenco-like acoustic picking and lightly seared post-punk guitar noodling. All of this is tethered together with Gregor’s own sonorous croon, icing the proverbial cake and making ‘Senseless’ a rich listen. It’s couched within Gregor’s lyrics we find the true heart of the track, one that beats at a different rhythm to the textured music it resides within – an interesting thematic pivot worth investigating.

I drank up all my senses.

This repeated refrain sits at the core of ‘Senseless’. With just this snippet I feel, perhaps, that Gregor could be attempting to communicate the impacts of excess on their creative and personal life. I get a sense of a pattern of repeated indulgence – as if we’re encountering Gregor after they’ve sucked up the heightened pleasure of frivolous pursuits, leaving them with regret, numbness and nothing to show for it. To a similar end, Gregor could be consciously or unconsciously sabotaging their own growth by failing to learn from past mistakes – a cycle of gratification where the steps may change but the attitudes don’t, inevitably leading to the same lacklustre results. “I thought I’d like it but I was wrong,” is a quick summation of Gregor’s thoughts on this behaviour, though as the song’s grooves shift from phase to phase it seems as if Gregor is rediscovering this time and time again. Is overstimulation as bad as no stimulation at all?  Restricting the self isn’t the answer to anything, and while too many limitations preclude us from enjoying the beauty of things (taking risks and their potential rewards, for example), the inability to harness our urges inevitably diminishes empathy and the ability to consciously appraise our own behaviours and the impact of our whims. As always, I could be reaching with my analysis, but if there’s any proof to the notion that our senses add flavour to life, I’m certain it’s found within Gregor’s sublime sonics. You can take that to the bank.

Destiny by Gregor will be officially released on November 13 via Chapter Music. Click here to pre-order or pre-save the record.


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