Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Hyun Lee

Ahead of the release of her forthcoming EP Oculus, Sydney/Warrang electronic artist Wytchings is dropping new single ‘Patent Redux’. Constructed out of ghostly threads of soothing ambience and delicate synthetic pit-a-pat, ‘Patent Redux’ is a luminous and crystalline composition that belies its genesis as a way of reclaiming identity.

It’s been a busy 12 months for Jenny Trinh, perhaps better known under her musical moniker Wytchings. During a period where most of us are chuffed to have made a singular loaf of satisfactory homemade sourdough, Jenny has been relentless in her creative endeavours. In late-2019 Wytchings released her debut EP Neptune and has seemingly kept momentum going ever since. This year she has contributed to the Stay Inside – Songs from the Great Indoors compilation, appeared on New Weird Australia’s Solitary Wave (In) mix, continued her work with Parramatta-based New Age Noise Collective and has been putting pieces in place for her forthcoming EP Oculus – the second in a planned trio of EP releases. Set to drop officially on August 21 through Lazy Thinking Records, Oculus has been forged in the crucible of resilience. It’s a response to years of self-doubt spawned after experiencing racial assault, and the ensuing imposter syndrome that has plagued Jenny’s life ever since. Following the July release of lead single ‘viet drift‘, Wytchings is sharing cool and measured follow-up track ‘Patent Redux’.

Where ‘viet drift’ boasted a tangible immediacy thanks to the clashing of electronic blips, warped notes, dizzying loops and modulated samples, ‘Patent Redux’ is, by comparison, a much smoother affair. From the outset, Wytchings gradually immerses us in a soothing syrup – ambient passages that are gradually transfigured and made more luminous by twinkling synthetic flourishes. At moments it feels like I’m submerged, with reality’s muted chatter sitting just on the other side of the rippling surface above. With what we know about the EP’s inspiration, it’s easy to envision this song soundtracking Wytching’s own metamorphosis, in a way. The sonic unfolding at the heart of ‘Patent Redux’ runs parallel to Jen’s own emergence from a pool of self doubt, the electric pulses akin to the feeling of cool breeze on skin after swimming. As the song fades out, Wytching leaves us with a frisson-like hum, the kind of exhilarating buzz that comes after discovering one’s own inner strength and resolve. Listen here:

Oculus will drop on August 21 via Lazy Thinking Records.