Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Tara Lea

A few months removed from the release of their new EP, Remember The Future? Vol. 1, oddball-punk outfit Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice are releasing the visuals for standout single ‘Collapse’. Make in conjunction with Ballarat-based Cake Industries, the mind-bending clip is a suitably warped accompaniment underscoring the grim prognostication at the core of the song itself.

Back in April, when Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice dropped the four-track EP Remember The Future? Vol. 1 through Marthouse Records, it was hard to fathom the world getting worse, but here we are. With rising infection rates at home and abroad, rampant police brutality and an increase in political scapegoating, the eerie quiet of April seems idyllic by comparison. Although a great amount of resilience has been fostered throughout the pandemic’s duration and via the uptick in vital social-justice work, it seems the economic and political elite are digging in further – gripping onto their outsized power structures as the multitudes try to pry it from their fingers. It’s hard not to feel powerless in the face of monumental oppressive entities – an uncaring machine built to consume and exploit without end. This is the concept that sits at the heart of ‘Collapse’, one of the more striking tracks found on Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice’s most-recent EP. It’s a song about enduring the ignorance of the elite – the ones with the means to make immediate change – while the world crumbles as a result of their greed. Few songs released this year feel more appropriate for the current climate.

The brand-new clip for ‘Collapse’ is the result of a creative team up between Dr Sure’s and experimental artist duo Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen of Cake Industries – a Ballarat-based enterprise specialising in a singular style of installation art. The tandem’s work commonly involves the use of “mechatronic sculptures”, a surreal set of human/machine hybrids that are built to unsettle. It’s fitting that the two creative entities have come together on this – bizarre dystopian punk matched with freaky nightmarish imagery. It’s hard to exactly describe what I watched – part televised propaganda, part brainwashing mechanism, part low-budget sci-fi educational video. The rotating wheel of legs is particularly unsettling. All together it’s a vivid and engaging complementary work that enhances Dr Sure’s bent post-punk sonics. Watch it here: