Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Billy Eyers

Kulin Nation-based heavy hitters Divide and Dissolve have announced a forthcoming 7″ release due out next month. The release’s A-side ‘RVR’ is a timely soundtrack for the world’s ongoing struggle against white supremacy – a ribcage-quivering maelstrom that is perfect to listen to while dismantling oppressive systems.

Any new music from Divide and Dissolve is worth taking a time-out for. Few artists make me physically prepare myself before donning headphones to listen, but the pulverising nature of the two-piece’s brand of doom-laden drone metal is bracing, to say the least. The band has some new music in the works – a 7″ called TFW out on August 7, and a new full-length (produced by Ruban Nielson of Unknown Mortal Orchestra) out later this year. New gear from Divide and Dissolve couldn’t come at a better time. As one of the most vocal underground outfits pushing for societal change and top-to-bottom dissolution of tyrannical entities, Divide and Dissolve’s music has long been a resonant and undeniable war cry to those fighting for Indigenous sovereignty, widespread decolonisation, a shift in power dynamics and a future free from the grip of systemic white supremacy.

On ‘RVR’ Divide and Dissolve’s ominous sonic crush rumbles in from the distance, hinting at an impending cataclysm. Takiaya Reed’s weighty guitar chug moves like an impenetrable dust cloud, distorted slashes of noise rippling and illuminating like lightning. Helping kick up dust is the inexorable stomp of Sylvie Nehill’s percussion – blunt-force impacts cracking the soil and sending tremors surging outward. Here Divide and Dissolve are harnessing the rage and desperation that has built in recent times, tempering it and honing it, turning it into a weapon they can wield with poise and accuracy. Disquieting, thunderous music – resolute and unyielding. This kind of staunch sound is an augural signifier of what’s to come – a reckoning for oppressors and the looming destruction of their inhuman monuments.

TFW will be released via Saddle Creek’s Document Series. The vinyl will be accompanied by a limited-edition zine created by Divide and Dissolve. Order it here.