Words: James Frostick
Band image: Bridget Angee
Cover art: Mary Lou

Melbourne/Naarm punks Disco Junk have cooked up a brand-new ripper of a track, out digitally today as part of a split 7″ through Goodbye Boozy Records. ‘I’m No Good With Numbers But I know Which Tram I’m On’ is a scrappy-yet-infectious number brimming with energy and sporting a sarcastic sneer. 

It hasn’t taken long for Gen Z to make its impact on the underground punk scene. New bands are coming though with a kind of enthusiasm and zeal that helps keeps things exciting, fresh and in perspective – they all seem to have their heads screwed on the right way and musical chops to boot. Disco Junk is one of these bands. The trio is spearheaded by Billy Twyford – a Melbourne/Naarm-based musician who has been pretty prolific (a coupla albums, a live recording and a 7″ EP on HoZac) in the two-odd (I think?) years he’s been putting music out there. Now with Ruben Riley on drums and Tom Whyte on bass, Disco Junk has been carving a nice little groove for itself locally thanks to its brand of zippy, high-energy garage punk, making moves and earning a rep as one of the more exciting newcomers to emerge in recent memory.

The group’s latest effort is a raw and sharp track called ‘I’m No Good With Numbers But I know Which Tram I’m On’, which features on a brand-new split single with Billy’s other band Collective Hardcore (told you he was prolific). The track is raw but potent, boasting shades of other untidy anti-social groups e.g. Thought Criminals. The guitars saw back and forth with a serrated edge (Billy isn’t afraid of a little solo riffing, either) tempered slightly by a brisk-but-malleable bass strut and drums that snap and crash at a quick clip. Billy’s vocals are delivered with a snotty edge – eyes rolling and lip curled in derision. He uses his breath to shout down shitty bands that suppress diverse voices and take up space with their banal music, gentrifying the scene and homogenising it as a result. These sentiments are the proof in the pudding that Billy and co. ‘get it’ – the next generation have a firm grasp on what’s important, blowing many of their peers and elders out of the water when it comes to social awareness and pushing the scene to a better place.

Listen here:

‘I’m No Good With Numbers But I know Which Tram I’m On’ / ‘Printer Jam’ is available digitally today, and will be released on 7″ vinyl in September through Goodbye Boozy Records. Head here to pre-order a copy!