Premiere: NKDX – ‘EVIL ORGASM’

Words: James Frostick

The duo of Nicholas Kuceli and Dan Stewart have teamed up once more for a new NKDX release, collaborating on a forthcoming digital and cassette album called A Drive With NKDX. Lead track ‘Evil Orgasm’ puts us in the back seat as NK and DX take us on a joyride through the underbelly of a murky metropolis, cruising through the city’s interconnected arterial roadways, leaving nothing but reverberations of the tandem’s voltaic techno in our wake. 

Before exposing your ears to the music contained on A Drive With NKDX, the duo has a few humble requests. This brief list of entreaties is largely a serving suggestion, but one that serves to greatly enhance the flavour of the dish placed in front of you. If you happen to be in possession of the forthcoming tape (released on June 5 through Nice Music), NKDX recommends listening in a crowded car between midnight and 5:00 am, through headphones while navigating rush-hour crowds, or played at home at full volume with all nearby windows open. It’s apparent after browsing these instructions that NK (Nick Kuceli of Gaud and Slug Guts) and DX (Dan Stewart of Straightjacket Nation and Total Control) look to soundtrack aspects of urban existence, altering the way we perceive and interact with our concrete surroundings via a distinctive form of synthetic noise. From within our automobiles, domiciles or our own heads, NKDX are attempting to rearrange our headspace, positioning us as intangible observers free to see the cityscape from a removed vantage point.

A Drive With NKDX, the first slab of futurist thump from the duo since 2018’s Rome (out via Paradise Daily), kicks off with lead track ‘Evil Orgasm’, a bristling slab of techno underpinned by rhythmic palpitation. This track finds us riding with NKDX as they smoothly navigate the night, their souped-up ride hums as it cruises between skyscrapers silhouetted against the sky and through tunnels illuminated by the luminous headlights of our transport. Out of the sound system sprays a modulated static hiss and warped beat, masking the gear shifts and the ambient noise of the outside. We pass street lights at a fast clip, careening past the placid multitudes who react too slowly to register us zooming by, only hearing a muffled pound and the thrum of NKDX’s engines as we fade into the distance. Although brief, ‘Evil Orgasm’ offers enough of a glimpse at the intent and execution of A Drive With NKDX, serving to emphasise the importance of hearing the release in full to get the whole experience. Thankfully you’ve only got a short time to wait until NKDK’s car is idling outside your house. Get in and go for a ride.

A Drive With NKDX will be released on cassette and digitally on Friday June 5. You can pre-order a copy right here.