Premiere: R.M.F.C. – ‘READER’

Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Oisin Dermody

Up-and-coming punk wunderkind Buz Clatworthy aka Rock Music Fan Club (or R.M.F.C. for short) is following on from his buzzy double-cassette EP and January’s split with Set-top Box with a new 7″ single – out in June through Anti Fade Records! ‘Reader’ is a punchy number exhibiting Buz’s exceptional talent when it comes to penning punk hits – one to watch!  

Being described as a child prodigy is a double-edged sword. To clarify, I have never been described as a prodigy in any way, so I can’t say for for sure, but you’d have to assume the title comes with a certain amount of pressure. Raw talent is still something that needs to be honed and cultivated, so being heaped with praise from the jump might add to one’s sense of complacency. In a sense, one could feel that they have arrived before they’ve travelled. There’s a bit of buzz surrounding 18-year-old musician Buz Clatworthy, who has been crafting snappy punk songs as R.M.F.C. since late-2018. The descriptor on his 2019 release – a compilation of his Hive Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 cassettes – kicks off with the words ‘child prodigy’ and immediately expectations are high. For a scene that takes hype with a grain of salt, it’s upping the stakes early. Thankfully – to Buz’s credit – he’s got some serious chops. Is he the real deal? Well his forthcoming 7″ single ‘Reader’ seems to confirm that he is, indeed, a prodigious talent when it comes to crafting sonic rippers.

Buz is from from Ulladulla, a town located due east of Canberra on the southern NSW coastline. I wouldn’t call a town three hours south of Sydney isolated or removed from civilisation, but it’s easy to get so caught up in the creative output pouring from our metropolitan city centres that artists that reside outside of the ‘concrete jungle’ tend to get overlooked. That being said, it’s hard to overlook a perpetually creative fount like Buz – the dude knows how to write a heater or two. It’s known that most, if not all, of R.M.F.C.’s output is written and recorded by Buz, but the concept’s sound belies its modest bedroom origins. On ‘Reader’, Buz let’s loose with a collection of sounds that boast shades of Jay Reatard, Japanther and a good helping of Devo-core eccentricity. Bent and warped riffs at the beginning are loosened into broader swinging chords, backed with rigid percussive pummel. The whole thing has been scuffed up just right. It’s tightly-wound but not constrained – just a really sharp track that never drops momentum. As for the lyrical content, well, Buz shared some insight recently via an interview with Gimme Zine, and showcases a mature way of thinking about a heavy subject. As he continues to to push his own boundaries, Buz will no doubt go from ‘big fish, small pond’ to one of the bull sharks carving up the underground. Being a prodigy in any regard is high praise, but it comes with pitfalls. All that being said, I’m giddy at the thought of what R.M.F.C. could be when Buz fully comes into his own.

Listen to ‘Reader’ here:

R.M.F.C.’s ‘Reader’ 7″ will be out on June 5 2020 through Anti Fade Records.