Words: James Frostick
Band image: Max Williams

Earlier this month, Victorian gutter punks APCO dropped their hefty debut LP into our laps. While we’re still reeling from the record’s weighty punch, the group has followed up the haymaker with a snappy uppercut to the jaw in the form of the surreal and confronting visual treatment for lead single ‘Schizophrenimares’.

With everything happening in the world right now, I’d hazard a guess that the country’s collective bullshit meter is at maximum capacity. Blowing our lids in frustration at minor hinderances or the mind-boggling ineptitude of our political elite will only get us so far in this current climate, but Lord knows we’d probably feel a little bit better if we let rip – just once. Cantankerous punks APCO can empathise, but unlike most of us they have instruments they can use to channel their emotions outwards. On the band’s recent self-titled LP, APCO (whose members have done time in bands such as Bench Press and Hollow Everdaze) whip themselves into a frenzy across nine tracks of aural angle-grinding and jackhammering. Lead single ‘Schizophrenimares’ most succinctly conveys the rolling boil bubbling in our guts when dealing with someone else’s crap. It’s all whinging hysteria-inducing riffing backed by a burly shred and a hoarse vocal outburst – like tempers have finally boiled over and we’re now seeing nothing but red. The chorus (“Had enough of your bullshit / everyday day I put up with it / but now I don’t care anymore“) sums it up nicely, I think. A relatable sentiment for anyone with a shitty boss, shitty mates or a shitty government.

As for the visuals, they’re pretty gripping too. The clip – shot in isolation – showcases a grim cycle of mutilation and auto-cannibalism, with producer Gareth Harrison picking apart pieces of his deceased doppelgänger to cook and eat over and over again. Perhaps it’s an allusion to eating one’s words instead of voicing your opinion, or how the frustration we keep locked inside eats at us over time. Maybe it’s neither, but either way it’s an unsettling watch, which makes it perfect for APCO’s brand of sonic deflagration. Watch it below: