Listen: LÁI – ‘TALAK TIGA’

Words: James Frostick
Band image: Lee Stefan

Powerful D-Beat punk outfit Lái are teasing the forthcoming release of new album Pontianak with another slab of fast-paced face-pummelling racket. ‘Talak Tiga’ is as ferocious as the name intimates – an undeniable shredder that’ll tear you to ribbons.

The COVID-19 pandemic is throwing a lot of industries out of whack, especially the music industry. As businesses across the globe are forced to operate at a reduced capacity, records slated for pressing and release are being pushed back – including the newbie from Swedish-influenced four-piece Lái, who have been forced to delay the arrival of their debut LP Pontianak to some point later in the year. No sweat off the band’s brow, though, they’ve gone ahead and shared two tracks from the record anyway – first came the title track and now we have the second single ‘Talak Tiga’ to savour.

‘Talak Tiga’ revs up with a chunky guitar strut before exploding into a three-pronged instrumental attack that strips paint and puts cracks in the ceiling. Lái’s vocalist Alda soon joins the fray with a vociferous larynx-shredding performance that gives me sympathetic strep throat that soon sends me scrounging for a lozenge. ‘Talak Tiga’ is Lái at its most relentless, and if you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch them live, you’ll know it’s a huge call. It’s a true one though – this track rips.

Pontianak will be released this year through Ruin Nation Records and D-Takt and Råpunk Records. The record will be distributed throughout Asia-Pacific by Lost in Fog Records.