Words: James Frostick
Band image: Jamie Wdziekonski
Cover art: Stella Rennex

Throw back the curtains and let the sun in – Parsnip is back with a brand-new four-song EP in tow! We’ve got the first spin of lead single ‘Adding Up’ – a signature Parsnip snappy pop-rock bop about making ends meet. 

It’s tough times monetarily for lots of people across the country right now. Centrelink is bring overwhelmed with lots of newly unemployed folk bereft of income thanks to the effects of Old Man Roni, and most (if not all) are forced to cope with meagre levels of scratch to get by. That doesn’t stop the expenses piling up, though. Rent is still a thing for most of us – so are bills, bills, bills. Money earned doesn’t seem to alter the tally of money owed and now, more than ever, we’re seeing cracks in the machine as it begins to break down under the strain. While novel coronavirus hampers the economy, the notion of socioeconomic inequality among generations isn’t novel – not by a long shot. The members of Parsnip are all too aware of the fiscal plight facing millennials. Income struggles probably aren’t a new thing for them – they’re creatives, after all. Parsnip is a band on the rise, which means the more time the members dedicate to furthering their craft, the less time they have actually earning. Income prospects for those in the arts industries was dire to begin with. Now? It’s probably best not to discuss it.

The name of the Melbourne band’s new EP Adding Up should give you a sense of what’s on their mind. In fact, the title track spells it out pretty succinctly –  hard truths are packaged and presented as a head-boppin’ tune to make them easier to swallow. In typical Parsnip fashion, they never let subject matter bog down their musical disposition. ‘Adding Up’ is a sunny and animated number, with vivid keyboard notes, catchy guitar strum, quick-steppin’ percussion and peppy ‘hey yo’ vocals. It’s so fresh and spirited that Parsnip almost make the humble eked-out cash stash lifestyle fun. Almost. Even if your bank account is looking bleak, take solace in the fact that we’re all toughing it out together, and Parsnip’s ode to parsimonious living could maybe ease the mental burden of our collective predicament.

Parsnip’s  Adding Up EP will be out on 7” vinyl and all digital
platforms on May 15 through Anti Fade Records (AU) and Episode
Sounds (JP). Pre-order a copy here