Melbourne dream-pop trio Dianas are ramping up activities ahead of the release of Baby Baby, the band’s forthcoming LP. After recently dropping new single ‘Million Dollar Baby’ as part of the Stay Inside: Songs from The Great Indoors compilation, the group are sharing the track’s accompanying visuals – a slick one-shot video of a crime spree pulled off in style. 

Self-perception is a tricky thing. Some people have no problem with it – they have an easy confidence in themselves and a healthy perception of their own worth. For others, it’s not that easy. No doubt this has caused a rift in many relationships, where low self esteem and self-sabotage is the primary culprit of a romance or friendship ending. Some people give love freely but have trouble accepting it in turn, which is perhaps a more insidious form of torment that simply being withholding of affection entirely. This circumstance inspires the new single from Dianas ‘Million Dollar Baby’, which is a plea for reason. It’s the band’s self-described attempt at penning an unselfish love song for someone what doesn’t believe they deserve it.

‘Million Dollar Baby’ is a track fuelled by pure and unabashed adoration as well as a dash of sadness. It’s all compliments enveloped in shimmering guitars, upbeat pacing and group harmonies. The way Dianas make this adulation resonate is in the way they don’t mince words. “I can’t stand to see you sad when I know how your smile lights up your face” and “Can’t you see your only failing / in your own head we’re all waiting / for you to realise the way you look in our eyes?” are two lyrical fragments that succinctly summarise the disheartening nature of the scenario. As sweet as it is, there’s an element of resignation colouring all of the above. They’re grappling with the notion that perhaps they can’t make you see what they do. It’s a heartbreaking realisation, but a healthy one – and a relatable one too. If you’re feeling downhearted about something similar, then perhaps this song can act as a soothing balm. Just remember an important fact. Who does Dianas love? It’s you baby, it’s you.

Have a look at ‘Million Dollar Baby’s brand-new clip, directed by Caity Moloney, Corey Thorn and Tom Mannion, and shot in one take by DOP Lachlan Wright. It maintains the band’s strong showing in the visuals stakes, with a simple-yet-crisp video putting some style into low-stakes B&E.

Dianas forthcoming LP Baby Baby will be out on Monday May 4. Pre-orders are available now via the Dianas Bandcamp!