Words: James Frostick
Image: Katy Melville

Brisbane musician Glen Schenau is releasing a new 7″ later this month, boasting two tracks that showcase the musician’s versatility and unorthodox style, proving what’s possible creatively when you commit to getting weird with it. 

Anyone that has spent time in Brisbane’s underground music scene has at least caught a glimpse of Glen Schenau. Perhaps they’ve seen him taking the odd snap at gigs (the last few years has seen Glen singlehandedly compile a huge collection* of live-music pics from most, if not all, of Brisbane’s noteworthy underground sets) or taking the stage himself. Glen was the creative force behind thrilling four-piece Per Purpose, but more recently has been lending his talents to other acts (Kitchen’s Floor, Sorry Golden State, Bent) or performing solo. The latter is what we’re talking about here, as Glen has announced a new 7″ release dropping later this month.

The single features two tracks, ‘Jhumble’ and ‘Jearnest, with only the former currently available to listen publicly. Glen’s description of the songs on Bandcamp reveals that both are a “contemplation of male fragility in a morality dogmatrix“, and I’m going to have to take him at his word – nothing is given away easily when it comes to Glen’s music, so any insight shared is a bonus. What is readily apparent is Glen’s preternatural ability to warp his instrument and bend it to his will. As it was with Per Purpose, Glen’s guitar work is unconventional and song structure is anomalous. It takes a listen to two to fully grasp the nuance weaved into the chaos, but once it clicks it’s hard to deny – the track rips. Personally, the biggest revelation of ‘Jhumble’ is Glen’s vocal delivery, which careens from buttery smooth croon to layrnx-shredding screech. In Glen’s world nothing is static – everything can be shaped and mutated to serve.

The ‘Jhumble’/’Jearnest’ 7″ will officially drop on April 25. About 150 vinyls will be available, with a deluxe package including inserts and a print of the cover art piece entitled ‘Coverage’


* Glen’s Blanket Canvassing blog hasn’t been updated in a while, but his photos are still uploaded to Facebook at a regular clip, which I suppose is only useful information if you actually are his friend on Facebook. Sorry.