Words: James Frostick
Image: Glen Schenau

Back in February, short-lived abrasive industrial/noise group Jousting released a four-track taster of its pummelling and dissonant noise rock. Although aurally confronting at first, Jousting’s knack for chaotic groove and vicious stomp will make you yearn for more of what disappeared for good long before you knew you had it.

As always, Brisbane’s underground scene yields another obscure nugget of harsh, humidity warped skronk. Standing adjacent to the city’s deconstructed avant-punk of groups like Soot and Sorry Golden State are a murderer’s row of manufacturers pumping out swampy and intimidating pandemonium. The groups in this circle typically ply their signature churn at the odd house show and small gigs around town, keeping profile’s low and releases limited. Most of these releases come out through local label Tropical Cancer Rort, whose roster comprises many of these sorts of acts – Clever, Cold Fish, Bin Licker and Stress Pleaser, to name a few – but my favourite might have to be now-defunct Jousting, who dropped a four-track release on TCR to celebrate the band’s year-long (I think) lifespan. The band is comprised of members of groups such as Idylls, Lying Down and Hexmere – hinting at the sort of pedigree you can expect here.

The recording’s description on Bandcamp is simply ‘caustic noir boss battle’, and to be frank that’s a pretty spot-on summary. There’s a feeling of dread when the bass tremor of opener ‘Bipedal locomotion’ starts rattling the rib cage, and the cranking guitars that accompany evoke images of a vast machine of destruction – one that belches bilious smoke and flame as it trundles onward, turning everything in its wake into wasted debris. I haven’t been left speechless by a noise-punk outfit in a while – these four tracks have me reeling.  Great stuff.

Snout Method is out digitally and on cassette through Tropical Cancer Rort. Bandcamp only lists six tapes available – prized and rare treasures!