Words: James Frostick

Coastal punks Liquid Face have dropped a prickly piece of brutish noise in the form of new track ‘Animosity’. It packs a hearty dose of malice into its runtime, perfect suited for those looking to thrash about and release some pent-up energy.

The current effort to contain the spread of coronavirus has instigated a lockdown of state borders. Although a necessary step in halting the upward trajectory of infection, the closures have naturally caused a bit of havoc for those that live, work and play across both sides of the Queensland and New South Wales border. Similarly straddling this lockdown is Gold Coast and Mullumbimby wrecking crew Liquid Face. I don’t really know much about this band, but I know that the group’s newest track ‘Animosity’ is a pure punk number that rips. Liquid Face has dropped the track as a big ‘fuck you’ to 2020 and everything that it’s brought with it, and boy, it’s loaded with plenty o’ venom.

The track kicks off with a straightforward strum before turning into a twisted, coiled and anger-imbued churn – like the hot twisting in your stomach that ferments and boils until your emotions spurt forth in one uncontainable spray. Once the levee breaks about a minute in Liquid Face turn things up with a driven and compelling stretch of pure thuggish punk. As you can probably guess by the track’s name, Liquid Face aren’t mincing words on ‘Animosity’. There’s a barefaced aggression here that’s aimed at a nameless other, whose mere presence stokes the baleful flames of ire (“I’ll dance on your grace on a sunny day“, is just one line that I could use as an example). It’s fun to picture Liquid Face verbally accosting 2020 and the atrocities its offered us so far – it’s an anger we can all share.

Give Liquid Face’s back-catalogue a listen to if you’re fans of unkempt punk in the vein of bands like Diät, 2 Stroke and Ascot Stabber.