Words: James Frostick

Sydney four-piece Sachet has dropped some new sounds (and accompanying visuals) from its forthcoming record Nets. ‘Arncliffe Babylon’ is a piece of engaging and oblique guitar pop – off-centre in such a way that it perfectly scratches an itch you never new existed.

In June 2019, Sydney crew Sachet released a catchy tracked called ‘Nets‘ – the title track from a new album (the follow-up from 2017’s Portion Control, which featured excellent track ‘Melted Wires‘) that was predicted to drop a few months later in September. Well, months have passed and no album eventuated (things get delayed – it happens), but now it seems the band (which shares members with shares members with Day Ravies, King Tears Mortuary and Point Being) is finally ready to pull the trigger! Sachet has dropped a new track from the record called ‘Arncliffe Babylon’, simultaneously announcing that Nets will be coming out soon through Tenth Court.

Both ‘Nets’ and ‘Arncliffe Babylon’  are terrific tasters of the band’s current sound, which to me cuts out some (but not all) of Poison Control’s scratchy lo-fi buzz in favour of a more pristine guitar pop sound. Time will tell if that applies to the whole record – I don’t mind it either way. The insightful lyrical commentary and a knack for creative composition remains, though – the tempo change at 1:30 of ‘Nets’ is a particular delight. As for ‘Arncliffe Babylon’, what I really adore is the way the guitars cut through the mix in a way similar to horn blasts – a robust addition that sits as a nice counter point to the lighter strum and vocalist Lani Crooks’ higher register. What is evident is that Sachet still knows how to pen songs that blend the accessibility of straightforward indie pop with experimental leanings that make the overall effort memorable. I want more and can’t wait for the album to drop!

Listen to/watch the new clip for ‘Arncliffe Babylon’ here:

You can pre-order Nets now through Tenth Court.