Words: James Frostick

Melbourne/Naarm-based dark-wave trio No Statues will be dropping a debut EP in May, but are already giving ears a sample of what’s to come with lead single ‘Overtime’. Despite being saturated in downtempo atmospherics, the track fills space with a calming aura. It’s moody, yes – but not entirely disconsolate.

When discussing dark-wave and cold-wave artists, words such as ‘isolated’, ‘cold’ and ‘downcast’ are bandied about often (I am certainly guilty of this). Such words almost seem inappropriate in this new age of social distancing and forced isolation, but on the other hand these same sentiments have never been more relatable – especially given the state of world affairs. We’re all stuck in our homes, stuck inside our own heads, thinking constantly about the world that’s now just out of our reach. Dark-wave newcomers No Statues is hoping to lessen the effects of pandemic isolation with the early release of new track ‘Overtime’, which features on the band’s forthcoming four-track EP debut.

Stylistically akin to other acts in the genre (listen to Brisbane’s Nite Fields and Pleasure Symbols and Melbourne’s Dark Water, for example), No Statues boasts crystalline synth shimmers, a sturdy low end and suitably frosty guitars, while vocalist Ali Mustafa’s even-keeled tone is enriched by Alice Thompson’s harmonies. As far as I can gather, lyrically ‘Overtime’ seems to touch on how indecisiveness eats at the psyche, how choices made and decisions yet to be made can weigh heavily. Is there a self-imposed pressure to make the right call each time? Are we lingering too long on things out of our control to our own detriment? There’s even a sense of resignation or, better yet, comfort in being in this predicament. If this circuitous mental journeys involve an object of our affection, maybe one can almost enjoy spending time trapped in our own head – especially if physical proximity is on the back-burner for the time being.

No Statues will be dropping its debut EP on Sunday May 3. Pre-orders are now online if you’d like to make an early purchase.