Listen: OSBO – DEMO (SELF RELEASE, 2020)

Words: James Frostick
Band image: Carmen Juarez

If you’re in the market for some new Australian hardcore, Sydney’s OSBO might be just the ticket. Comprised of a few familiar faces from the Sydney scene, OSBO’s six-track demo is straightforward and energetic – two qualities all good hardcore needs.

Although Australia’s live music scene is on hold for the foreseeable future, music is still being created. Thank fuck, too – social distancing is hard enough as it is, but doing it in silence would be soul destroying.  Fortunately, there are some new sounds floating around that are worth focusing on amid the chaos – some of the loudest of the bunch coming from new Sydney-based hardcore outfit OSBO.

Comprised of some notable figures (Tim from Tim & The Boys, Ravi from The Baby, Adam from Ill Brigade, and Joe from Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys), this savage offshoot of the city’s cross-pollinated underground is injecting some much-needed energy into our collectively drained psyches. This six-track demo punches hard and fast, with Tim’s hoarse and and abrasive vocals adding a prickly overlay to the speedy guitar and percussion. If you’re a fan of other Sydney-born proponents of hardcore (like Rapid Dye and Xilch, for example), then you’ll find a lot to like here. OSBO might not make the best music to relax to in times of grim uncertainly, but if you need to expel some pent-up energy then this fresh batch of savage hardcore might be the ideal soundtrack.