Words: James Frostick
Band image: Alex Leech

A tempest is rising in the west. Perth punk four-piece Cold Meat have announced the forthcoming release of their debut full-length records Hot and Flustered. Lead single ‘Bad Mood’ is the the first lick of the furious storm to come – a punishing number boasting prickly riffs, uncompromising percussion and furious vocals that are well and truly fed up with everything and anything.

Sometimes a bad mood is impossible to shake. You can feel it coming – a sense of constant restlessness and irritability that might be surmountable at first if left to your own devices, but even the slightest happening can turn it into a full-on, fuck-off foulness that permeates the entire day. When it’s that bad, you might as well shut shit down. This feeling is at the crux of Perth punk outfit Cold Meat’s new track ‘Bad Mood’ – one of the first cuts from the groups’ forthcoming debut LP Hot and Flustered. As evidenced by the band’s previous material (found on a selection of covetable 7″ releases), Cold Meat lean towards a pummelling brand of 70s-inspired punk, a raucous clangour that beats ears into submission. This new track is no exception, though the intensity is ratcheted up considerably thanks to the surly temperament that powers it along.

‘Bad Mood’ is a furore fuelled by a potent mixture of frustration and isolation. The storm is beating around inside the brain, and no one else can see it, and words fail to accurately exorcise these emotions constructively and healthily. All you can do is rail against the world for causing this internal strife. Work life, relationships, family stressors, political incompetence, the increasing threat of global collapse, spilled coffee on your shirt, leaving your lunch at home – it all adds up. When you can’t find the words to convey your emotions, sometimes all you have to do is hit the hay and hope the maelstrom has subsided by tomorrow. From what I gather, Hot and Flustered (and the other currently available track ‘ZZ Top Hat’) is fuelled by more of this anguish, though I feel like we’ll be able to more accurately discern the exact causes and targets of this outburst. I can’t wait.

Hot and Flustered will be released on Friday March 20 (pre-orders are available now and will ship on Friday February 28) through Helta Skelta Records (AUS), Static Shock Records (UK/EUR) and Iron Lung (US). 

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