Words: James Frostick
Band image: Lou Conboy

To celebrate the release of their new 7″ and tour, Tasmanian two-piece The Native Cats give their scintillating track ‘Run With The Roses’ the visual treatment. The clip matches the song’s visceral urgency, managing to match the sonic energy with imagery that is equally as entrancing.

Much has already been said about The Native Cats‘ newest release Two Creation Myths. Although is could espouse the virtues of these tracks ad nauseam, it’s probably quickest if you just do your own reading. The Hobart-based post-punk duo are striking while the iron is hot, following up the official launch of the record with a clip for ‘Run With The Roses’, directed by Julia Suddenly and edited by Lyndon Blue – a creative tandem that has crafted music videos for Elizabeth and Dick Diver .

The clip matches ‘Run With The Roses’ prowling undercurrent – vocalist Chloe Escott cuts shapes in the night, dressed in a gown and confronting the camera – retelling the tale of her evolution. At points she moves about the inside of a car, at other moment’s she’s out in the open – spinning and cavorting with nothing but sky and stars above her. As usual, I can’t help but imprint my own interpretation in times like these – part of me believes the car symbolises the confines of Chloe’s past self, and the wide outdoor space as Chloe’s newfound freedom. In reality, I think the conceptual drive is much more simple. Chloe graciously shed some light on the process, which involved giving over control of the shoot to Julia (“unquestioning submission”), committing to the movement, the performance and (most crucially) the notion that she was enough to carry the clip on her own. Julia was right: Chloe’s magnetism is a driving element, it elevates the clip. At the end of the day, one can impose meaning where it fits neatly for their own interpretation, but I’d say that if there is anything one should take away from this clip, it’s that there’s nothing more potent than one’s belief in their own self.

Watch the clip below:

The Native Cats will be performing a series of shows to launch Two Creation Myths. The dates are as follows:

– Friday March 13 at The Golden Wattle, Adelaide (Supports TBC)
– Saturday March 14 at the Toff In The Town, Melbourne with Ausmuteants & Thibault
– Sunday March 22 at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart with Scraps (arvo show)