Words: James Frostick
Band image: Glen Schenau

Brisbane-based experimental noise punks Star Slushy are set to release a new cassette filled with a mixture of studio and live recordings. The group revels in beautifully dissonant skronk – the kind that’ll have you recoiling at first, but stomping with the beat before long. 

If you’re wondering what’s good in Brisbane’s music scene recently, like always I’d encourage you to mine the fringe for the real gemstones. Beyond the bland milieu of Triple J aspirants exists a buzzing cluster of outsider nonconformists, all content to bash and pulverise song structures and tonal palettes into something more visceral and alive. Offbeat, off-centre, off-kilter, off-key, off-putting (to some), these groups comprise the mutant third arm of the local musical body, a vascular limb imbued with a deceptive strength – enough grunt to beat down barriers and grab you by the throat. Those looking for this vein of gold will inevitably come in contact with Eternal Soundcheck, the cassette and vinyl record label established by Matt Kennedy of Kitchen’s Floor. The label’s roster reads as a who’s who of the current wave of gonzo skronk – bands that place feeling and instinct over technique and clarity. Groups such as Sorry Golden State, Soot and Brick Brick exemplify the style I’m trying to describe, but Star Slushy might just be the most sonically merciless of the lot.

Star Slushy is putting forth its first tape release – called Spikes / Spires – through Eternal Soundcheck sometime this month, and have elected to give folks a taste via tumultuous single ‘Star Slushy S/Way’. It’s hard to succinctly jot down coherent thoughts about the track, as every time I listen to it a feel like I’ve been dumped into a trashcan which is then pushed down a hill. I mean this in the best way possible – there’s a tangible vigour to ‘Star Slushy S/Way’ that’s undeniable. It’s all herky-jerky rhythms, dissonant clangour, unintelligible vocals, which on paper sounds like a nightmare, but I think those that get a kick out of a ruckus will find plenty to latch on to. Think of it as free-form noise punk, and maybe you’re in the right neighbourhood.

Give ‘Star Slushy S/Way’ a listen below before Spikes / Spires drops on cassette and digitally later this month.

You can catch Star Slushy live when they support Lydia Lunch Retrovirus at The Foundry in Brisbane on February 26, or at their two Melbourne shows taking place in early March. Details for all can be found here.