Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Tristan Davies

As we celebrate the spookiest day of the year, Melbourne darkwave legend V steps out of the gloom to gift us the visuals for their anti-love song ‘All Lovers Deserve to Die’. Set to a mash-up of imagery from iconic romance movies and ultra-gory B-grade horror flicks, V reminds us all about the brutality of love and the fine line we walk between passion and hate.

2019 has been V’s year. After dropping their astoundingly visceral record So Pure (out through Dero Arcade), V went on to embark on a European release tour and scored a nomination for Best Rock/Punk album at the Music Victoria Awards. Not bad for a record doused in grief. Perhaps it was this undeniable rawness and unflinching look into the abyss that resonated with folks – a statement too real to ignore. To me So Pure was less a downcast response to death and more a furious rebuttal. A funeral pyre that touched the clouds and cast away shadow – an impassioned cry of pain and sorrow but also a profound declaration of the endurance of the spirit and catharsis through expression.

After the bulk of the album’s tumult has subsided, So Pure’s final track ‘All Lovers Deserve to Die’ finishes proceedings by violently mourning the concept of love, or rather avowing that it is as much an evil and corrupting force as grief. Twisted and poisonous, V postulates that love and hate are intertwined, both forces that serve only to bring people together and then tear them apart. Haunting, unsettling, alien – the sonics of this track are some of V’s most purposefully unsettling. Sounds befitting its subject matter, beyond doubt. To potentially mark the end of the So Pure chapter, V has enlisted Norway-based Australian video artist Alexandra Macdonnell to craft a set of visuals that could do justice to the track’s inherent duality and savagery. The resulting work sees Alexandra splice footage from iconic romance films together with gory cuts from violent B-grade horror cinema to create a ‘perverted parody of romantic melodrama’  – the result is as confronting as you’d imagine.

Watch the video below, but I must add a content warning for simulated B-Grade blood and gore. You’ve been warned.

V – All Lovers Deserve To Die (Official Video) from DERO Arcade on Vimeo.

You can buy So Pure on vinyl and digitally here. Catch V live at the following shows:

Nov 28 at  Nighthawks w/ Bura Bura (Sydney), Dim & Caustic Grip

Dec 20 at Bendigo Hotel w/ Circle Pit (Sydney) and Civic with DJ Mitch from Low Life