Words: James Frostick
Image: Charlotte Tobin

In between period of activity with Hierophants and Parsnip, Melbourne musician Paris Rebel Richens has been slowly chipping away at a collection of solo recordings. Operating under the name P.P. Rebel, Paris has assembled these songs (all self-written, performed and recorded) into P.P Is… Peeping Piebald Past The Night! a solo tape set for release in November. ‘Where The Quiet Go’ is the album’s  springy lead single, a track born from the contemplation-inducing solitude of silence, but is not beholden to it.

Both Hierophants and Parsnip are bands with strong sonic identities. Though vastly different in style, the two share a unique bond – Paris Richens. The musician and songwriter has made her mark on the work of both bands through her knack for unorthodox-yet-mesmerising play on melody and structure, adding just the right amount of offbeat magic to add colour and texture (signature elements) to the mix. Although kept busy by both of these projects, Paris has made time to experiment as a solo artist. Over the summer period bridging 2018 to 2019, Paris crafted a collection of tracks that showcase her exuberant and singular style, cataloguing the output under the moniker P.P. Rebel. PP’s debut tape, P.P Is… Peeping Piebald Past The Night! is a bunch of home-recorded tracks that sound as artfully crafted as any studio recording. Layers and harmonies are artfully and precisely placed, underpinned by Paris’ impressive musical talent which spans multiple instruments. ‘Where The Quiet Go’, the tape’s lead single, showcases this talent perfectly:

‘Where The Quiet Go’ is playful and joyous in its construction and tone – revelling in wordplay, rhyme and vocal experimentation. It’s is coated in a summery sheen – more warm and carefree than languid or sunburnt – floating on a scented breeze that whispers by your ears before carrying onward. It’s as if we’ve come across Paris in the midst of a period of private musing – her ideas coming to life around her as she carefully selects each syllable and note. She’s asking questions of the world, not us directly, but ‘Where The Quiet Go’ still leaves us with plenty of food for thought.

I could go on, but I feel it’s best to get some words from the artist themselves. Here is a poem by Paris, which should clue you in to the marvels that await on tape:

“Hark the ppitter ppatter of ppastures and pplants!
PP will take you to infinite lands
Of sands and soot and foothills and stars
And pput all your pproblems in the ppit of the ppast
To ppeepp on beyond, ppeepping within
Tipptoe to love, there remaining 
Fixed on the ppipp, fixed on the ppart
And pparcel of all, fixed on the heart
Whether you’re near, whether you’re far
Be here now wherever you are!”

PP Is… Peeping Piebald Past The Night! will be dropping on cassette and all digital platforms through Anti Fade Records on November 22. Head to the Anti Fade Bandcamp to pre-order!