Words: James Frostick
Band image: Jake Quentin Lewis-Hurn (@cockneytravels)

Boasting a hearty dose of sonic savagery and ruinous punk chug, Future Suck gives ears a taste of a forthcoming cassette release with ‘Brat’. This demo track is short, sweet and to the point, which is the best way to introduce yourself when ears are being pulled in every direction.

What does being a brat mean, these days? Usually it’s used to describe someone who is intentionally antagonistic. Sometimes it’s a  reserved for a person that purposefully circumvents rules to show how ridiculous said rules are. Other times, it’s simply employed to describe someone with a loud mouth. It’s a label – perhaps one unfairly brandished. There are worse things to be called, so if I were to be labelled a brat, I’d personally accept that title with a smile. All this being said, the term is just a label – its power and meaning fluctuates. Melbourne’s Future Suck toss around labels like they’re nothing on ‘Brat’ – their punchy demo track released as a sample of the band’s forthcoming cassette, coming in December through Blow Blood Records.

Here, the punk crew embrace the brat label, taking it as if it were their own. In return, they fire off names and categorisations – many also carrying negative connotations (rascal, devil, punk) – piling them on thick and fast but almost as terms of endearment. Above the fast-paced furore, I get a sense that these less-than-flattering designations are actually wielded somewhat affectionately. It’s as if these qualities – unflattering to some – are attractive to others. Think the scruffy rebel, the ne’er-do-well with a beguiling smile, the misunderstood bandit, the crook with a heart of gold. Brat attracts brat, flaws and foibles are accepted, people revelling in their ability to shed labels foisted upon them in the presence of someone that doesn’t care. As far as uptempo demos go, Future Suck makes me want to be a brat. It’s a fine way to be.

Future Suck will be tearing apart The Tote front bar every Tuesday throughout October as part of a month-long residency, joined by a rotating roster of supports each week. The band will also be performing as part of the stacked Maggot Fest line-up, taking place at The Tote and Bar Open from October 31 to November 4.