Words: James Frostick

It’s been 15-odd months since Melbourne hard-rockin’ trio Power took us on a high-octane joyride with their Turned On LP, and now someone’s gone and given them the damn keys again. This outing, Power is only zipping a quick circuit with a two-track 7-inch single, but they’re pressing the accelerator even harder than before. Power peels out and away with a blistering intensity that leaves nothing behind but a scent of petrol fumes and burnt rubber.

If you’re seeking something that’ll blow the dross out of your skull, Power’s newbie will do the trick. We last saw the band in 2018, laying waste to eardrums with their potent LP Turned On, and we’ve only just finished cleaning up the place. With their new 7-inch, Power are clearly only here for a good time, not a long time, and they’ve never really needed much time to get their point across. This two-track hitter features Power’s recognisable brand of supercharged V8 rock, but this tandem isn’t a bog-standard throwaway – these songs are some of Power’s best.

Lead track ‘The Fool’ is Power juiced to the eyeballs – an unholy force that feels almost elemental, like the pandemonium I’d assume one experiences while caught in a cyclone. Nathan Williams and Isaac Ishadi harness the fury into bristly yet pointed riffs, while Matt Penkethman sets a beat so unwaveringly fast (and unfalteringly precise) that I can’t help but marvel at his stamina. On the flip side, ‘Give It All To Me’ is a slightly slower but still menacing affair – an old-school chug, perfect in its execution. Here, Nathan is pleading for more. More what? Given the energy expelled during a Power performance, I wonder just how much he can handle (no doubt more than you or I). Anyone that claims old-school heavy rock lacks nuance should A) suck fumes, and B) listen to the dichotomy on display with these two tracks. Once again Power pushes it to the limit, leaving nothing but debris in their wake.

The initial blood-red vinyl 7-inch version of the record has already sold out. The black-vinyl version is still available online (through Cool Death Records in Australia and Feel It Records in the US), while Melbourne folk can get a physical copy at Lulu’s. Hurry though, they ain’t likely to linger.