Words: James Frostick
Cover art: Annabel Blackman

Thrilling Sydney-born newcomers G2G have thrown another musical morsel into the yard for us starved animals to greedily fight over. ‘You Don’t Say Shit Right’ is another example of the three-piece unit’s knack for carving textured sculptures from blocks of raw dissonant sonic material.

It wasn’t too long ago that I first mentioned G2G on this here webpage, and although I try to expand my scope to different artists as much as I can, sometimes I get pulled back towards writing about known entities. In the case of G2G, I’d say it’s because the band’s music has got something perfectly off-beat about it. There’s a purposeful intent to deconstruct and disassemble conventional rock/punk/post-punk/pop archetypes and reconfigure them into something intentionally wonky but enthralling. Where previous track ‘No Kid No Angel’ introduced G2G in a buzzing and lively fashion, newie ‘You Don’t Say Shit Right’ is more a study of rigidity – a staunch flexing of muscle and grunt counterbalanced with the trio’s signature vocal interplay.

‘You Don’t Say Shit Right’ is almost rousing in its own way. The synthetic drum-machine stomp-stomp-clap and slinky bass strut almost makes me want to join in and clap, and the sawing guitar riff adds some wiry meat to the inhuman bones. It’s an unhurried track, one that places itself in your way and refuses to budge until it’s said its piece. G2G’s lyrics are, once again, kind of cryptic. I could be off base, but ‘You Don’t Say Shit Right’ carries a sense of frustration – perhaps at someone not living up to expectations and how we shield ourselves from potential disappointment by employing forced disinterest first. G2G never gives up clues freely, but once you’re in on it you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club. You might not be one for secret clubs, but the way G2G is dismantling the conventional band structure and jury-rigging a soundscape that suits them is the way to go – so I see no harm in saying right now I’m a G2G stan. Sue me!

Attention Melbourne folk – G2G is playing a show tonight at the Grace Darling Basement, supporting Primo alongside Canine Apathy and Ultravision. If you miss that, G2G will be backing up with another show on Sunday August 4 in support of Terry at a secret location in Collingwood.