Words: James Frostick
Artist image: Jake Ollett

New noise is emerging from Sydney’s experimental electronic scene courtesy of Jack De Lacy. ‘Pure Emotion / Raw Data’ is a thunderous assault on the senses. This slice of subterranean clang and throb is a study in the power of voice as an instrument that can be modulated, and how that bending via technology alters the role of the body and renders it redundant once the organic byproduct is harvested and refined.

Most music is crafted through the use of instruments – human-made tools that create noise at the whims of its user. Up until now, the voice is usually the only piece of organic sound that finds its way into the end product. Not everyone is blessed to have a voice that is pleasant to the ear so, naturally, a good singing voice is a sought after commodity. The advent of technological software has changed this. Programs that can pitch-correct and modulate the voice has instigated a shift away from singing in its organic form – now any voice can be worked into something listenable, even if it has been twisted into something entirely different from its original state. This idea of commodification as it pertains to voice and its sonic obliteration sits at the heart of ‘Pure Emotion / Raw Data’, the new track from Sydney electronic artist Ex-Rental (aka Jack De Lacy of Concrete Lawn and Australian Idol).

Following on from an EP released last year, Ex-Rental is returning with a debut long-form release, wound_carry_(reach_for_the_stars), out  soon through Perfume Counter. The album as a whole explores recognisable pop sentiments broken down into particles, reassembled into a pulsing and visceral post-punk-tinged sound-system assault. ‘Pure Emotion / Raw Data’ exemplifies Ex-Rental’s inhuman take on club-ready pulse, energised by emotion that has also undergone a mad-scientist tinkering. The track supersedes the body with technology, removing the flawed organic variable and dissipating Jack De Lacy as a human, unshackled from the limitations of the self. There’s an underlying sentiment of how this shift can leave soundscapes sounding blasted and unholy, but overall this track speaks of the future of electronica, where restrictions are overcome when you extend yourself beyond what the body allows.

You’ll be able to hear/purchase Ex-Rental’s entire album at the end of the week through Perfume Counter. Keep the below Bandcamp link bookmarked!