Listen: G2G – ‘NO KID NO ANGEL’

Words: James Frostick

After popping up on numerous live bills across Sydney, buzzing three-piece G2G has offered up the first taste of some recorded material. ‘No Kid No Angel’ is a piece of oblique post-punk that carries a sense of entrapment, conveying urgent sentiments regarding identity, change and growth in the face of gloom and uncertainty. 

I see flames fifty metres high, these days they almost touch the sky. It’s like putting a butterfly in a jar to watch the black trees burn from afar

Ominous and vivid, this lyrical fragment is one of the more verbose parts of G2G’s ‘No Kid No Angel’. The verse does a lot to set the mood with words alone, but backed by direct and booming percussive smack, gnawing chug and a cauterising guitar sear it’s dead-set engrossing. Atypical and off-kilter, G2G’s sound could strike ears as chaotic, but to me the trio’s penchant for warring sonic tones and anti-harmonies is perfectly planned and executed. Members of the G2G perform in phenomenal Sydney units Body Type and DEN, and while G2G colours its palette with both dissonant and ethereal elements, the resulting amalgam of styles strikes me as something that is largely unseen in the underground circle currently.

I feel as if the meaning of this song can go a couple of ways. On one hand, the growing flames could be a commentary on the state of the world (and, perhaps, it’s failing climate), and the notion that soon enough everyone will have to adapt to a harsher existence. We’re powerless trapped within the growing inferno – and now generation of near adults is witnessing the world crumble just as it was about to become theres.  Taking it to a micro level, ‘No Kid No Angel’ could allude to personal transformations undertaken when confronted with oppressive social structures. It might signal a mechanism employed to push back against systemic barriers. After all, there’s no room for kids or angels when backs are against the wall. Take the song’s meaning any way you wish, but the main thing to take on board is that G2G is legit.