Words: James Frostick
Band image: Jamie Wdziekonski

Cereal Killer is calling it quits, but not before unleashing its one full-length record, The Beginning & End Of Cereal Killer through Anti Fade Records and Drunken Sailor Records. Lead single ‘Your Punk Scene Can Suck It’ is a gnashing and primitive piece of punk that thumbs its nose that the scene it’s leaving behind, but we’re left wondering if the scene sucks for various reasons or sucks because Cereal Killer is no longer a part of it.

I’ll be honest, I never really encountered Geelong’s Cereal Killer much during its time of peak activity. I don’t think the band has ventured up Brisbane way many times (or at all, but I’m liable to misremember) in its four-odd years of existence, but from all reports the past few years haven’t seen much in the way of activity from the band in general. That being said, the five-piece has a rep that has spread far and wide, and a furious sound that draws in a crowd whenever a show is announced. Cereal Killer is wrapping up for good this August, but the wrecking crew (which features members  of Wet Blanket, Ausmuteants and ORB) is gifting us with its first (and only) full-length record The Beginning & End Of Cereal Killer this month. This is the first recorded output since the band’s 2016 EP of demos, so those of you that have been stoically waiting for something more need only wait until the end of the month. Recorded in 2017 and mixed in 2019, these tracks have been waiting to see daylight for a while, but from the first second of play-time it’s plain to see they’ve gathered no dust.

Lead single ‘Your Punk Scene Can Suck It’ is an exemplifier of the band’s unbridled intensity. Speedy riffage, breakdown, speedy riff, another breakdown, lengthy climax, end – that’s sort of how the track shakes out. Over all of it is some hoarse, strangled vocalisations that ups the savagery levels, although from my end it’s hard to grasp onto any lyrical sentiments. Despite this, ‘Your Punk Scene Can Suck It’ is a killer blast of oomph-laden punk rock – a whirling cacophonous tempest, the kind of which will be sorely missed when Cereal Killer calls it a day.


The Beginning & End Of Cereal Killer will be out on all digital platforms from June 28, with a limited edition vinyl pressing available in Australia through Anti Fade Records and in UK/EU through Drunken Sailor Records. Keep your eyes peeled for news on Cereal Killer’s final two shows, which I hear are happening in July and August.