Words: James Frostick

One-man party band SPOD returns with cheeky new single ‘Sexual Fantasy’ – a bop fuelled by an erotic and narcotic groove. The track has been plucked from SPOD’s forthcoming (and fourth) studio album, Adult Fantasy, out in July through Rice Is Nice. Buoyed by a sensual synth-pop beat, ‘Sexual Fantasy’ sweeps listeners away on a romantic getaway, where we’re given insight to some intimate and tender moments.

Sydney oddball SPOD is not ashamed to speak his mind. Years of unabashed and unfiltered creation has given him the freedom to indulge even the most left-field musical whim. It would be a real curve ball if he chose to stop now – it’s one of the biggest reasons behind his cult following and longevity. Although never one to shy away the odd humorously puerile concept and curiously offbeat sonics, SPOD’s array of bops proves he is undoubtably most of Australia’s most versatile musically creative minds, and his latest single ‘Sexual Fantasy’ is another shining example of his talent. Here, SPOD swaps synthy skronk for a sparkly and syrupy sway, eschewing the bloke-y persona he sometimes embodies on his wilder tracks in favour of a smooth-talking whisper.

As one might imagine, ‘Sexual Fantasy’ has some adult themes scattered throughout, but don’t worry – we’re not getting R-rated here. At the beginning of the track, SPOD croons about picking his lover up early from work to whisk them away to a secret destination for a weekend of pleasure. He weaves in mundane conversational topics (how his partner’s boss is a jerk, for example) while subtly building up the sensual tension. Candles are lit, silk robes with matching sandals are donned – it’s time for sexual indulgence to begin. At its core, ‘Sexual Fantasy’ is about stoking the flames of passion, ensuring the spark is still there years into a relationship’s lifespan. It’s proof that love and lust can endure if you put the effort in – desires and wants only reveal themselves when you’re at your most comfortable. It’s hard to shake the feeling that this was a track SPOD never intended to share with anyone but his partner, but then I remember that SPOD most likely doesn’t give a shit. He should be proud of his romantic nous – this is how you keep love alive! Should we be taking notes? Probably. Have a listen (and a look at the accompanying visuals directed and edited by Alex Smith) and try and refrain from getting aroused (impossible):

Adult Fantasy will drop as a VHS live TV Special and album on July 19 through Rice Is Nice Records.