Words: James Frostick

Got four-and-a-half minutes to spare? That’s all you’ll need to rip through the blistering new tape from unhinged and harefooted punks Ill Globo. Four tracks of heart-rate accelerant, the newly released Promoted To Glory tape gives us just enough to get hooked, but snatches the high away as quick as it came – thus is the bracing nature of Ill Globo’s potent style.

To be honest, I don’t know much about Ill Globo. I know the name riffs on the Melbourne-based bi-weekly newspaper Il Globo, which focuses on the Australian Italian community, but that doesn’t really offer much to chew on. Most of what I’ve got to go on is what’s scattered about the Internet – some shaky YouTube videos, a bunch of live shots floating about on Instagram and a brand-new cassette release that dropped this week through Unwound Records. What these bits and pieces offer is enough for me to tell you that I’m a fucking huge fan of their music. Of course, documented material is limited, but this tape in particular is enough for me to stake my fandom on. Four tracks of furious, fitful and far-out punk – that’s what we’ve got on our hands, and its phenomenal.

By the sounds of things, Ill Globo ain’t got a lot of time to waste. Only one of these tracks cracks more than a minute and a half, and the rest are more inclined to cram syllables into every available aural crevice rather than stretch and dilute the intensity. Each track is energising. From the infatuation and dedication heaped at the feet of a love interest in ‘Mirabella’, to the fervent and  earnest desire to rock and roll in ‘Satchel Man, every song on the tape crackles with a kind of thrilling excitement. It’s all over in an instant, but the sooner it ends the sooner I can play it again.

Listen to the tape below, or purchase it digitally through Unwound Records:

You can catch Ill Globo playing at The Tote on Tuesday May 28 for the last night of their residency alongside Bloody Hell, Body Maintenance and Frag.