Listen: XILCH – ‘MY WORLD’

Words: James Frostick
Band image: zkphoto

With a gnashing fury buoyed by a destructive sonic onslaught, Sydney’s XILCH are on the cusp of unleashing its debut cassette release. ‘My World’ exemplifies the band’s penchant for unrelenting  power, with influence plumbed from some of punk’s nihilistic best. 

Sydney’s XILCH is a relatively new outfit to the city’s underground musical milieu, but considering the band is comprised of members of other outfits such as Diät, Rapid Dye and Perspex, XILCH might as well be considered a veteran act. If I hand to bandy about genres, I guess the closest I could latch on to would be a post-punk/punk hybrid, but one soldered together out of beaten and broken parts – a savage machine that now operates on its own accord. ‘My World’, a taster from the band’s forthcoming tape out soon through Meatspin Records, is a perfect example of what I mean. At its core, the song boasts a staunch rockin’ chug overlaid by buzzing guitars and vocals so hoarse that I want to double drop Butter Menthols just listening to it. I’m not doing it much justice at all – just listen for yourself:

The group wields an unnerving intensity that really puts me on edge, but the way XILCH weaves both jagged precision and bruising power is a testament to the group’s practiced (and undeniably barbarous) musical nous. There’s a bad-news brutality that is carried throughout the track, but hell, getting caught in the crowd when XILCH revs up this infernal racket would be a load of fun. Realistically, it’d be get down with it or perish, which says just about everything you need to know.

XILCH will be putting out a tape very soon through Meatspin Records. The label undertook a successful Pozible campaign to get these tapes (and more goodies) into distribution, so if you contributed you can expect this release sooner, rather than later.