Words: James Frostick
Band image: Photoyunist

On the eve of Weird Place Fest 2, Melbourne’s NOUGHTS are dropping its second EP Content, packed full of furious and speedy punk. Laced with a form of pressing and encompassing frenzy, Content forcibly grabs the ears of listeners and earnestly imparts its message – seemingly as if time is of the essence and everything hinges on our comprehension. 

Searing and urgent, Content – the second EP from noisy trio NOUGHTS – wastes no time kicking things into high gear. Over six songs, NOUGHTS alternates from gnashing grind to skeletal twang to weighty chug, shifting gears as they see fit but never easing their foot off the acceleration. The vocals are commanding, uttered as if every syllable conveys information vital to our existence. The funny thing is, I can’t help but hang on to every word – easily decipherable or not – as the overall musical mix of paranoid mania and off-kilter delivery ensnares my attention fully.

Although offering quick-stepping and rapid-fire music, NOUGHTS are weaving some serious concepts between the cranking riffs and percussive clatter. There’s some food for thought adding nutrition to the meat and bones if you have the capacity to chew on it a bit longer. ‘Content’ talks to society’s insatiable hunger for stimulation – the never-ending Instagram feeds, the online videos, the fleeting gratification that comes with consumption. Content’s opener ‘Bleach’ fires up the engine and sputters to life with a row, introducing proceedings with cacophonous spay about warped and skewed principles and the mind-boggling actions of those in power. On a similar note, to me ‘The Antithesis’ (a definite highlight) seems to touch on the sacrifice of identity and the renouncing of ideals, becoming the opposite of what you once were (for better or worse? I’m unsure. The knife cuts both ways).

Listen to Content right here, right now:

If you’re down with all of the above, then this is the part when I have to pull the rug out from under you. NOUGHTS is calling it quits after this release, but there are still a few occasions to catch them before they vanish forever. The band’s last show will be taking place on Saturday June 8 at The Old Bar in Fitzroy with support from Lost Talk (who are also playing their final show), Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice and EYESØRES.  If you are lucky enough to have scored a ticket to Weird  Place Fest 2 this weekend (tickets have sold the fuck out), Saturday May 18, then you’ll be able to catch Noughts there, alongside the likes of Mini Skirt, Los Tones, STIFF RICHARDS, Concrete Lawn, Liquid Face, UTE ROOT and heaps more.

Although a shame for those only just becoming familiar with the band, NOUGHTS are bowing out of the game on a high note – Content delivers on all fronts, and sets a high standard for punk at its most furious and most potent.