Words: James Frostick
Band image: Louis Oliver Roach

Melbourne/Naarm punk-meets-garage foursome Pinch Points inch closer to the release of its new full-length record Moving Parts with second single ‘Stranger Danger’. This speedy slice of frenetic noise is a tightly wound number that channels the fear of violence and harassment women feel while out in public, and the fury at being told that changing their own behaviour is the best form of prevention.

Violence perpetrated against women is, sadly, not a new occurrence – not by a long shot. A build up of generations of ingrained behaviour in men and a severe lack of action from higher-ups have resulted in an unconscionable number of deaths of women around Australia – with causes ranging from domestic abuse to randomised acts of violence. Anger at these statistics isn’t new either, and even though the calls for change are getting louder, women are still dying at the hands of men, and each cry for action is usually preceded by a tragic and avoidable murder. Responses from police and local government officials – some of the key bodies responsible for keeping the peace and ensuring everyone’s safety – have ranged from dismissive to outright baffling. On more than one occasion, a person in a leadership role has put the onus of change on women, saying that it is up to them to remain vigilant and ensure their own safety. This is wrong. To say someone must be constantly wary of harmful individuals when walking home is ludicrous, and does nothing to educate and persecute those who feel it’s appropriate to harass and molest strangers on the street.

‘Stranger Danger’ – the new track from Pinch Points‘ forthcoming record Moving Parts – combines the female population’s shared feeling of indignation and fury into a compact and savage piece of punk. Here, the band scoffs at the outright abominable reaction from law enforcement and launches into a scathing condemnation at the mere suggestion that they should change their behaviour to avoid potentially violent interactions. “I wish that I felt safer” is a key lyric that conveys so much with so little. If the government and police force can’t guarantee safety, where else can one turn? Pinch Points bark back at the clueless system with a gnashing musical retort, letting the emotions spill and run alongside jagged riffs and an ear-bashing percussive clangour. Throughout its duration, ‘Stranger Danger’ threatens to break loose and wreak havoc, but the skilled unit skilfully keeps things punchy, yet controlled. Until the statistics change for the better and the streets become safe to walk, expect Pinch Points to be on the front lines screaming themselves hoarse in favour of a better world.

Moving Parts will officially drop on Friday May 31 through through Roolette Records (AUS, USA), Six Tonnes de Chair (France), and Burger Records (USA). Pinch Points will be launching the record on Sunday June 9 at Northcote Social Club with support from Loose Fit, The Pink Tiles and Chess.