Premiere: PEAK TWINS – ‘WATER’

Words: James Frostick

It’s been a few years between drinks for Peak Twins, but the band is back with a new track that will quench the thirsts of those parched and craving new noise. ‘Water’ – the first single plucked from the band’s forthcoming album Beloved – is an affirming and heartening ode to the heartbroken and love-starved folk still who don’t find intimacy easy.

The last full-length offering from Peak Twins, 2013’s self-titled release, was a record saturated in heartache. The first three tracks – ‘Only One’, ‘Steppin’ Off’ and ‘So Long’ – kicked off the record in suitably forlorn fashion, with vocalist Joel Carey bemoaning failed relationships that broke and cracked under the weight of distrust and interpersonal friction. Five or so years on and Peak Twins are back, and though the group’s penchant for penning emotion-soaked ditties remains, it seems like the band has taken a more even-keeled approach to matters of the heart.

The new record from Peak Twins, Beloved, is set to drop at the end of June, but the record’s first single is already here. ‘Water’ is a spectacular return to the spotlight for the group – setting a tone of emotional maturity and acceptance, no-doubt forged through the years of bruising and battering their soul has undergone in the period between recordings. To a lush backdrop of dusty twang, solemn keys and lavish string accompaniments, Peak Twins plumb the depths of crestfallen, post-relationship downheartedness. You know the kind – the lowest of low points. Instead of dwelling on the mistakes and the sudden onset of loneliness, ‘Water’ sees the Peak Twins espousing the benefits of self care, relying on friends, and with a weathered smile proclaiming “love don’t come easy at all“.

As evidenced by previous records, Peak Twins have put their hearts through the ringer countless times. On ‘Water’ one can see how the experienced has left them frayed and hardened, but never defeated. Getting knocked down is part of the game, and while playing the game doesn’t come easier, the coping mechanisms and mindfulness that is honed over time makes it easier build up enough strength to roll the dice again. “You can’t make plans when you live in fear“. This key lyrical passage rings truest, and though love’s aftermath may leave you cold, Peak Twins know that it’s the same for everyone, so it’s important to remember  that you aren’t alone.

For the uninitiated, Joel Carey (Wolf & Cub) and Liam Kenny (Bitch Prefect, Friendsters) are the founding members of Peak Twins. Beloved see’s the band recruiting James Mannix on drums, bass and guitar, Pat Telfer (Old Mate)  on keys and piano, Ela Stiles, Steph Crase (Summer Flake) and Ellen Carey (Fair Maiden) on backing vocals, with Jack Farley producing. The record will be released on Our Golden Friend on Friday June 28.

Peak Twins will be launching ‘Water’ at an undisclosed location in Collingwood on Friday May 17 with support from Sweet Whirl and Sleepless Nights. For details and tickets, email Our Golden Friend.


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